A white Christmas, in Hawaii?

A few days ago we had the privilege to get snow here in Hawaii. Yep that's right, there was actual snow here in Hawaii!! No, it wasn't falling from the sky. Hubby's unit had it imported here on base for us to enjoy for their annual Christmas party. They had Amtracks for the kids to ride, a ton of food, games and lots of different activities. One of the activities was getting to jump around in snow.

I must say it seems like the Marines enjoyed having it here just as much as the kids did. :) Of course none of us were properly equipped with snow gear so after about 10 minutes the kids all started complaining that their feet and hands were hurting from jumping around and throwing snow balls. Nevertheless, they couldn't playing and really enjoyed themselves.

For once I couldn't complain about not getting the opportunity to have a snowy Christmas because I had the best of both worlds. Getting a white Christmas and enjoying lovely island weather with lovely island scenery. If you take a look at the picture you'll see what I mean. The snow's on the ground, the kids are in island gear, the bright sunshine and the gorgeous Hawaiian mountains are in the background, truly breathtaking.

Below are a couple of videos of the days festivities.

Enjoy!! :)


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