"Merry Christmas Indeed..."

No the pics above are not doctored!! Would you believe that everyone who was on board this plane got to walk away? Earlier this week an American Airlines plane on route from Miami crashed in Kingston, Jamaica (my homeland). There was a thunder storm that left the runway slippery and caused the plane to not only run off the runway but it crashed through the fence, crossed over a VERY busy road and stopped just before the Caribbean Sea and in an area that had a good amount of sharks. All I can say is God is good all the time!! It would've been such a tragedy if anyone died and during Christmas time at that.

I'm sooo happy that each and everyone of those passengers were able to get up and walk out of the plane.
When I look at the pictures I still can't believe that 1. the plane stopped where it did (especially since I know exactly where that area is) , 2. no one on the plane died or was seriously injured and 3. there was no one on the busy road it crossed over. All praises be to God! I'm happy that these people got to go home and enjoy a Merry Christmas with their families. I truly hope that each of them say an extra prayer thanking God for sparing their lives and allowing them to see another year on this wonderful earth. I hope and pray that they will take this as an opportunity to better themselves and fulfill God's purpose in their lives. Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Yr Indeed!!!


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