Hawaiian Christmas

Christmas 2009 in Hawaii is HOT!!! OMG, I completely forgot how island Christmas's were. I mean, growing up in Jamaica it was hot around Christmas time but I guess as a kid you just never pay attention to stuff like that. Actually I do remember wearing sweaters around that time but again I was a child so maybe my mom just put me in that stuff just for the heck of it. As a grown up, I am HOT!!! here in Hawaii. I miss east coast Christmas's where the possibility of having a "White Christmas" was real. I currently have all my family's sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves and boots in my office closet. Occasionally I take a peak at it and frown at the possibilities of getting to wear them. I'm a seasonal type of girl. I like knowing that the heat will eventually turn into cool breezes which will then turn into cold frigid, hot chocolate and fireplace weather which will turn into a crisp sweet smelling breeze and then back to beach weather. Its so hot here in Hawaii that my family and I went to the beach the weekend of thanksgiving.

I guess I shouldn't complain because I'm sure there are worse places to be hot in. Hawaii's gorgeous so I'll stop complaining. Other than the heat, I'm still a little down this Christmas because I'm SOOOO far away from my east coast (and west coast for that matter) family. I'm very attached to my family and even though I'm used to missing important dates since hubby's in the military, its still hard to be away from everyone.

On the other hand I'm extremely grateful for our new addition this Christmas. Chace, our third son will have his first Christmas this yr, YAY!!! :) Even though he won't remember it, we'll definitely enjoy having him here. My 2 older boys are super excited for Christmas this yr and has filled their Christmas lists with video games. Gosh I miss the days when their lists were simple and didn't include games. Nothing against video games but it seems like they lose brain cells everytime they play them. Luckily they still love playing outside so they get their exercise in. Maybe I'm trippin, maybe that's just the way boys gets at their ages, either way, I miss the good ole days when simple hugs and simple toys were satisfactory.

Oh well, it is what it is. Later peeps.

Ciao! :)


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