Everyone knows that moms are by far the BEST "multitaskers" ever. Some may say that multitasking is not an actual accomplishment to be proud of since it means that you're not giving your full attention to one specific project at a time which means the quality will be less than stellar. I think that statement came from a man because we all know that they're not exactly the best "multitaskers" at all. If my hubby and I were to do the same exact list of things within a 2 hr period, I can guarantee that he'd mess up everything on the list in some way. He just can't deal with having to focus on multiple items at a time. I dunno about anyone else but I know that I can cook, clean, do laundry, go over homework, iron clothes, discipline, read stories, watch (or listen) to the tv all at the same time and everything comes out at top notch quality (and that's just a part of my daily evening activities at home). I can so picture my hubby's eyes popping out of his head if I were to ask him to do just half of what I just wrote. lol
Back to the point. I was just taking a minute to go over what I need to get done for tomorrow and my gosh do I have a list. The funny thing is I didn't include my usual routine of prepping breakfast and cleaning up after breakfast, getting the kids ready for school, taking them to school, then cleaning up the house and getting laundry done before I get to my personal to do list all while taking care of a newborn. PHEW!! Of course it's just expected to get done because I'm the mom. Ok, I'll take the job and the duties but with all this work that I'm putting in now, I better get back a good profit in 10, 13 and 18 yrs when its time to kick the boys out of the house. There's NO way I'm putting up with having to tell boys how to pee and dress and eat and clean their rooms, beds, ears, butt, etc for what seems like a daily basis and have them turn out mediocre. I'm putting in some Oscar worthy, Nobel Peace Prize, IV League type of mommy work here. Geesh.

Ok, just needed to vent for a little bit. WoooSaaahh!!... Now back to the regular scheduled cheerful mommy. :)


  1. lol!! i love you! great photo with the blog. men truly do not know how to multitask! *woosah*


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