Friday, January 29, 2010

My Birthday trip to a restaurant by myself with 3 kids

I promised an update on my trip to a restaurant by myself with all three boys so here's my report.

I give the trip an A+!! Whew!! & Yay!!!

First of all, I had a lovely birthday. Hubby called me at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday and the boys woke up and said happy birthday and presented me with a card without me having to remind them. My munchkin # 2 Ethan actually had a little count down going to make sure he didn't mess up on the dates. So cute. :)

Anywhoo, I took the boys to school and spent the rest of the day answering phone calls, texts and well wishes on Facebook while desperately trying to stay away from doing hard core labor in the house. Ok, I cleaned up a little bit but not as much as I'm used to. Gosh this relaxing stuff just doesn't come naturally for me at all. I feel so guilty if I'm not constantly doing something in the house.

I then contemplated whether I should do the "Insanity" work out or not. I decided I should do it since I had every intention to pig out at dinner with the boys. So I went for it and boy was I in for a treat (not!!). I swear my toes are about to fall off. This DVD had me balancing a lot. Unfortunately that meant using the tip of my toes A LOT! AND doing tons of push ups so I probably won't be able to pick up the baby tomorrow without being in excruciating pain.

I honestly think that Shawn T is on crack or some special medicine and so are the other people in the DVD who actually keeps up with this work out.

Now he has it jacked up to 60 minutes instead of the usual 38 to 43 minutes. So I see the time and freak out about having to try to breathe for 59 minutes since I always feel like my heart's about to pop while doing the exercises.

Anywhoo, I made it through the entire work out but not without 2 interruptions from Chace which I actually welcomed. I did feel a lot better after I got through it though.

My lovely friend Melissa stopped by to present me with a gift from my hubby. I got the new Mariah Carey perfume and Melissa got me the new Dolce & Gabbana Light blue fragrance. Both smell yummy!!!! :)

I then decided to put my plan of taking a calm trip to Pinky's restaurant. I got dressed, fed the baby and put him to sleep. I then waited for him to get into his deep sleep and headed out. We get to the restaurant and we're seated immediately and luckily the kids already knew what they wanted since we frequent this restaurant. Our food comes out in no time and we get through it in no time all while Chace is still knocked out cold. I even got risky and ordered dessert. Still, no movement from little man. We actually got through dinner and headed back home with no interruptions from Chace. He stayed asleep the entire time. YAY!!!!

I was soooo happy because even though I wouldn't mind if he was awake. I really didn't want to have to pull my boob out to feed him around the table even though I had a cover up. lol Especially since I knew our waiter would've been coming to our table quite a bit throughout the meal.

He finally woke up when we were about 2 minutes away from our house. Hey, works for me.

The rest of the night was spent hanging with my little men. I had an amazing day with them. I so cherish the times I have with them now because they grow up so fast and I can already see the "mommy stop kissing me in public" stage coming from my munchkin #1, Mekhi. To him I'll say, "hey, I pushed you out so I have every right to kiss and love all over you." :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Open Mouth, Insert Vomit"

Oh I had the greatest joy in experiencing vomit in my mouth! No not my own vomit. The vomit of my newborn Chace.

See what had happened was...
I was laughing with him, making funny faces and funny sounds. I had him placed on my knees so there was no shaking involved. I suddenly had the urge to shower him with kisses while continuing to make funny noises which required me to open my mouth VERY wide. He absolutely loved it because he continued to laugh and make noises so I kept on going. All of a sudden in mid kiss and funny sound making, I feel a gush of warm gooey yucky stuff in my mouth. AAAAAHH!!! I wanted to barf because it wasn't one of those thin type of baby vomit, it was the thick chunky one. Blllluuuhh!! I tried not to panic. I placed him down nicely on his blanket with my mouth still wide open, trying to resist the urge to vomit myself. I cleaned him up then ran to the sink to wash my mouth out. I come back to see him still smiling as if nothing happened. It's the strangest thing ever, he didn't miss a smile during the whole time he was throwing up in my mouth. It's so normal to him. Most babies (or one's I've been around) make a weird or serious face or start fussing when they're about to hurl but no, not Chace. Chace is a happy go lucky, sweet and calm baby. Don't get me wrong, I SOOOO appreciate the fact that he makes my life easy (for a newborn) and I NEVER want that to change but a little warning next time would've been very helpful. I always laugh at those parents who gets vomit in their mouths mostly because I think they sometimes bring it on themselves if they're playing with the kid too hard or too rough especially after they've just eaten. Of course positioning of said child is also a big factor but in my case, I had no warning. I wasn't shaking him and he didn't give me the warning face. Shame on him for now making me one of "those" parents. j/k ;) It wasn't a great experience to have and of course I never wanna go through that again but him being so cute and so sweet surely makes up for it. He can do no wrong in my eyes...



"Go Kerry, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like its your birthday!!" lol I know I'm corny, oh well...

I'm very thankful to God for allowing me to make it another year. I get to celebrate my birthday with my kiddies today. YAY!!!

I asked Mekhi and Ethan where they were gonna take me for my birthday or if they're gonna cook for me and they both looked at me and said "Mommy, we're not allowed to use the stove so we can't cook for you. You want us to make you a sandwich?" I just about died of laughter but also from how sweet they were to offer to make me a sandwich. They're such great little men.

Later on they asked if I could take them to dinner for "my" birthday. lol. Interesting... They even suggested the restaurant we should go to. Since I'm obviously not going to be cooking for myself tomorrow, I will gladly take them... I mean myself to dinner with some extra special dinner guests of course. ;)

This will be my first time going to a restaurant and sitting down with all 3 boys by myself. It should be pretty interesting. I think I'll be ok. Chace is a pretty good baby. But just in case he decides to get fussy I figured that I'd feed him and wait for him to fall asleep then immediately leave the house. This will give me at least 3 hrs of free time and even if he wakes up, I'll request a booth at the restaurant so I can breast feed him without anyone really noticing.

Yes I just said I'd breast feed my baby in a restaurant. Hey don't judge me. I have a really great cover up and he's a silent drinker.

I just hope he doesn't let out one of his usual grown men who just drank a coke or beer burps. Chace is by FAR the loudest baby burper ever!! It's hilarious to hear such things coming out of his tiny little body.

Anywhoo, I shall report on my trip to the restaurant on Friday....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's My Anniversary Today !!! :-)

It's my anniversary today and hubby's not here. :*-( He's doing some training off the island and won't be back until next week. So he's missing our special day. Oh the joys of being a military wife...

What's even worse is my birthday's tomorrow. So I'm left with all 3 boys (did I mention we have a newborn?) all by myself and a VERY active puppy who loves to run away.

Yay!! Happy Anniversary/Birthday to me!!!

I'm choosing to look on the bright side of things.

1 - Hubby's not at war (awesome).
2 - I have 3 gorgeous and absolutely sweet kids to celebrate with (oh yea and Chip, lol).

Oh, I almost forgot. Look at what hubby surprised me with for our anniversary:

He had his hook up at the flower shop here on base make this AMAZINGLY beautiful arrangements of bright flowers with tons of my favorite color (pink) in it.

He also bought this super sweet, super cute necklace and hid it in our garage and had me go get it. (That wasn't the only thing I ended up finding near the garage but that's a whole other post I'll share with ya later - I promise).

Anywhoo, I feel oh so special today. This definitely makes up for him missing 2 very important dates. At least we'll get a chance to truly celebrate when he gets back next week. :)

Funny Kiddy Story - "Oven Rack"

This funny kiddy story/videos comes courtesy of Ethan. It's not super funny as it is cute. I think it's both of course, but I'm his mommy.

He was about 1 year old in the videos and we'd nick named him "The Hulk" because he was unbelievably strong for a baby. He pulled and tugged at things with such force that every toy or every thing we gave him was guaranteed to get destroyed. He's still like that now in some ways but he's gotten A LOT better. Thank God!

Ok, I must put out a warning that its not normal behavior for a child to be doing what he was doing. Nor was it normal behavior for a mom to allow her baby to be doing this but I thought it was super cute and my sister, cousin and I supervised him the whole time. Hey don't judge me!!

Anywhoo, in the video you can see his determination for getting my cousin's oven rack out of the corner. He gets frustrated, takes a little break then gets right back at it. It's sooo adorable and it shows that he's not a quitter. Yay!! Go Ethan. :)

Now that I think about I don't know why the oven rack was in the corner instead of the oven. Hmmm....

(Note to self - ask Tanya why the oven rack wasn't in the oven)

Moving on....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition - The Powell Family

I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night and for one, that show is a guaranteed tear jerker so I was already prepped to shed a few tears but the story of last night's family had me tearing up from the start because it hit close to home since the family was Jamaican.

I was so moved by Delores's (typical Jamaican name by the way- sorry had to say something about that, lol) passion for life and her drive to make sure she gives back to others despite having to struggle herself. The emphasis she put on succeeding in life, getting a better education and creating a good life for future generations was inspirational to say the least.

When she talked about migrating to the US and sending shoes and other things back home to Jamaica it reminded me of my own family.

There was MUCH more to the story than people may realize. People who are born and raised in the U.S. have a very different outlook on life. They seem to think that they are entitled to getting things here.

Of course not everyone thinks or acts this way- let me set that straight but I have experienced people who have that mindset and its such a huge turn off.

You see, in Jamaica the welfare is pretty much non existent. The government has intentions to help their people but they have no funding to back it up so basically there is NO welfare system set up to help you land back on your feet if you've had a rough couple of months of even yrs. There you are a true "Hustler." The littlest things make you smile and mean the world to you and your family. It's extremely hard to find a good job and once you've had that good job, you hang on to it for dear life even if it means missing precious time with your family or possibly hurting your health.

Jamaica is considered one of the most beautiful most exotic countries in the world and that it definitely is. However the other side of Jamaica is harsh and cruel. There's a constant survival mode set in place and everyone's guard is up.

It's so very sad to see that a country that is one of the top vacation spots in the world has these problems.

Growing up I led a privileged life. My mom and dad worked their butts off to make sure that we didn't want for anything and that we were able to afford the best schools and live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. However, we had family members who were struggling and it was pretty hard to see.

I remember as a kid when my mom first traveled to Canada and came back with gifts for us and something as simple as a pencil with a barbie pattern on it was like winning the lotto. Nowadays kids get these expensive games and they're programmed to think that the next game system is automatically an option for them.

I've chosen to raise my sons with the Jamaican mindset that you work hard for what you want and appreciate it once you have it. However, it gets pretty frustrating when they have a "gimme" type of attitude. Especially when they see their friends with things and come home expecting to get the same type of games. Oh no, no, no, no, no!! Doesn't work like that in my house.

I'm always having to remind them of the way I was raised. Even though I was privileged, I was definitely not spoiled. There was no such thing as allowance and we didn't have half of the holidays they have here in America which meant that we were in school more because education is very important to our culture.

Jamaica's school system is one of the very best school systems ever (in my opinion) and not even that was free. You had to pay to attend school and often times if your parents couldn't afford the tuition, they had to make a decision of which child to send to school first and for how long. In the US I saw kids who came to school, skipped school, had bad grades, talked back to the teacher, just being disrespectful and not appreciating what they have.

First of all, if they did half of what they did in schools here in Jamaica (as far as misbehaving was concerned) they would get their butts whipped SOOO hard because spanking was allowed in schools there. That's why Jamaicans are so smart because they didn't have a choice but to be smart.

(For the record I only got a whipping once for not relaying a message to my mom from my third grade teacher- wasn't nice AT ALL!!)

I sometimes feel spoiled or ungrateful when I complain for the silliest things because I know for a fact that I have it waaaay better than some of my fellow Jamaicans.

So when I saw Delores's story, I was so overwhelmed with emotions just as she was because the simple fact that she was able to provide her old school with shoes, is absolutely magical. It's so very simple, but so very touching. I also saw that education was very important for her and her kids got that as well despite being raised in America. That's exactly how I want my kids to think when they get older.

This episode of Extreme Makeover was definitely a memorable one for me. It made me miss my homeland but I was extremely happy that she got the opportunity to give her kids a better life and as she said in her comments, this blessing will carry on for generations to come. I love that she said that. It shows that she's not just living for the moment, she's actually "living" and living to make a difference because really what else are we doing with ourselves if we're not living to make a difference?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Kiddy Story - "Cheez It!"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan.

Just looking at this pic has my LMAO!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ethan is narcoleptic!!

This pic was taken in December after we'd had a long day partying it up at hubby's work Christmas party. What's funny is that he was sitting next to me watching Spongebob one minute and the next minute I hear loud snoring and I realize he was in mid dip for a mouthful of Cheez it yet he was fast asleep.

He's such a strange child. Strange in the bestest most sweetest way possible but definitely strange. I wonder if he falls asleep or doses off in school. Hmm...

So far no complaints or concerns have been sent home from his teacher so I guess he saves that part of himself for his familia.

Lucky us!

Here's a close up just for kicks. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did the alarm go off?

OMG I over slept and made my kids late for school!!!

I feel like such a bad mommy. :((((

I guess it happens to the best of us? I dunno...

I went to bed pretty late because I was determined to finish washing, drying, folding and putting away ALL the laundry, which I did. YAY!! Go me!! Seriously, this is a celebratory event because often times I wash, dry, fold but take a while to put away the laundry entirely. Hey don't judge me! I only have 2 hands.

So after finishing the laundry I checked in on all 3 kiddies and headed to bed. Munchkin # 3 must've smelled me coming and decided he wanted an early morning snack (it was about 1:30 am) so he woke up, fed for about 10 minutes and went back to bed. In the midst of me putting him to bed, Ethan, munchkin # 2 woke up crying that his room is too dark. Mind you, the hallway light that's VERY bright and shines directly into his room is on. So I try to get him back to bed and he goes back but not without crying loud enough to wake Mekhi who's tossing and turning and moaning for Ethan to be quiet. So I give up and let Ethan come sleep in my bed.

Will I finally get sleep? NO!!! Ethan falls asleep immediately and he's snoring SOOOO loud that I have to concentrate on tuning him out (like I sometimes do when he's awake and playing loudly). Hey again, don't judge me! I'm sure other moms do this too, right? hmm...

He gets pretty loud, as long as he's healthy, well fed and safe, I can tune him out to get work done around the house if he's not down for hanging with mama.

Anywhoo, back to why I over slept!

So I finally tune him out long enough to fall asleep. About an hr later my bladder decides to fill up to the point where I HAVE to get up. So I get up, empty it and get back in bed as quietly as possible because I don't want Chace to think it's snack time again. Didn't work, I get in bed and he gets up for a snack.

Luckily its another ten minute snack. I finally put him down to sleep then fall asleep myself and I swear ten minutes later my alarm went off. I actually picked up the cell phone to double check when I'd set it for because I couldn't believe it was friggin 6:40 am!!

So I put the phone down and figured I'd give myself 5 more minutes of sleep since Ethan was already in my bed so it'll be easy for me to wake him since I don't have to walk to his room and Mekhi's easy to get up in the mornings.

33 minutes later I jump up because I see that the sun's pretty bright outside and I'm usually up way before it gets that bright. I see that it's 7:13, I jump out the bed grabbing up Ethan. I opened Chip's cage, ran to the boys' room to wake Mekhi and rush downstairs praying that Chace won't get up while I'm trying to get breaksfast started.

I didn't have time to make them their cornmeal porridge so I pop some waffles and french toast in the toaster while pouring out juices, then let the dog out in the back yard, prepped his breakfast then set up the kids' waters for school and prepped their clothes which I forgot to do the night before.

So they eat as fast as possible then rush to brush their teeth, wash up and get dressed as fast as possible.

I was sooooo happy that Chace didn't get up at all. I had to actually wake him up and get him dressed and changed just as we're about to head out to take the boys to school. Yeeeess Jesus loves me!!!! (insert singing voice here)

We made it to school at around 8:10 am (we live on base so it's pretty close and we missed the morning traffic).

I got home and let out a huge sigh of relief. Even though the boys were late, it was only by 15 minutes but I felt soooo bad that I dropped the ball on getting them to school on time.

I know I shouldn't feel so bad but I do. My kids are my job, a lovely job that even though it drives me insane from time to time, I'd never quit. So to fail at a task is a bit disappointing to me. So I'm blaming hubby being gone for this one. he he. Hey I'm allowed to. If he was here to take a little bit of the load of me, I'd be able to get more done.

Scratch that. I should learn to just let go and maybe put some stuff off until tomorrow. If I'd gone to bed when the kids went to bed, I may have gotten up on time. I can always do laundry another day. It wasn't like we ran out of underwear or anything. I just wanted to see an empty laundry basket even if it was for a few hrs only. lol

Moral of the story - I must not burn myself out! I wonder if I'll listen to that bit of advice. I don't think I will but I can try....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Ok, so this is my 5th week on the Insanity program and I'll admit it, I've skipped a few days here and there each week of the work out but despite all that, I've only lost 22 of my 42 pounds of pregnancy weight!! UGH!!

Wait... Umm. Looking back at that number, I feel kinda silly or spoiled for complaining but here's why.

For the first 25 yrs of my life I've pretty much been a stick figure.

The pic above shows me in high school when I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I would'nt gain a pound over 118. (I'm 5 '8' so for me that's stick figurish...)

Fast forward to yrs later in college when I gained my freshman 15 and even though I wasn't completely ok with everywhere the pounds spread to, I accepted it because I at least gained a booty which I loved. ;)

Then I started having kids. After having my 1st son, I not only dropped all my weight but I went 5 pounds below my starting weight at pregnancy. Same thing happened when I had my 2nd son. Now after baby # 3 it seems like the pounds have found a nice home on me and are refusing to get off.

This was a pic taken of me when my 2nd son was just over a yr old.

This was taken in 2005. I SOOOO MISS THIS BODY!!

This was a pic taken this past thanksgiving. I'm not so happy with this shot.

The main problem is that I CAN"T FIT MY JEANS!! I try them on weekly and even though they go up a little further each week, I still can't fit in them and I refuse to buy new ones. So I'm forced to wear the same clothes I wore during pregnancy which luckily for me aren't maternity clothes, just sun dresses or shorts and skirts that fit me loose enough to not show my new "cakes" (tried to find a term of endearment for the pounds, :( ).

I'm tired of these clothes. I want to wear my jeans again. I'm trying to get used to the idea that I'm going to have to put in some serious effort into losing weight this time around but it's soooo hard.

I'm trying my best to eat healthy and I'm now forced to count calories. It's all so new and foreign to me. I'm not used to watching my weight and I HATE EXERCISING!!

I must give myself credit for actually sticking with the Insanity program because it truly is insane but I guarantee that if I'd shed all my weight by now, I would'nt be on this program as often as I've been.

I should stop complaining because at least I'm starting to get healthier but I really, really, really miss eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want to eat. :(

Just typing about food is making me hungry.

I think I'll have a cup of tea and call it a night.

Uh oh. I hear munchkin # 3, that's my cue...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Projectile Vomit!!!

This is a subject I'm kinda new to because my 2 older boys puked up but they rarely had this projectile type of vomit that comes from Chace.

It's the strangest thing ever to experience. I was just making funny faces at him and he's laughing up a storm and all of a sudden vomit dashes out of his mouth all over him and with such force that it actually hits me as well despite the fact that I wasn't super close to his mouth. A few minutes later, out comes another set and then a few minutes later, yet another.

Luckily for him, it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him because he continues to laugh at my face which at this point has turned from silly to horrific since I'm sure he's emptied his tummy completely. I'm wondering if he's sick but there's no visual signs of anything wrong and he's still as sweet, calm and happy as ever.

My poor little boy. Maybe making funny faces at him needs to be put off for a while. I wonder what I ate for him to be emptying his tummy this way. Hmm...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valley of the Temples

Today started off pretty swell. The kids got up later than expected (8:30 am). Munchkin # 3 decided to sleep in a little so I was able to get up and get breakfast for #1 & 2 and Chip before # 3 got up and required all my attention.

As soon as I got up my sweet little munchkin #2 reminded me that I promised to take him to feed the fish and birds at Valley of the Temples. He'd been begging to go for over a week now and I'd put it off for far too long so I was determined to not break my promise despite the fact that this meant having to go on the road with all 3 kids on my own. Yikes!!

Luckily all went well.

First I decided to leave the house during one of #3's long naps. So I fed him and as soon as he fell asleep I knew I had a good 3 possibly 4 hrs of free time I could spend with #1 and 2. So off we went.

Valley of the Temples is located in a gorgeous cemetery on the wind ward side of Oahu. It's nestled bellow sharply carved yet stunningly beautiful mountains. It's surrounded by flourishing greenery and tropical plants that goes on for miles.

You'd think you stepped right into a painting when you're there. It's kinda weird that I'm calling it gorgeous seeing that it's a sad place and all but it really is a spectacular place to be buried. The saying "Rest in Peace" is truly depicted at this cemetery.

Anywhoo, we get to the temples and it's as if I can feel and smell God there. As strange as that sounds that's exactly the feeling it gives you. You walk over a small, quaint little bridge and you're hit with majestic views of the bright red temples with gold trimmings and a splash of green.

They have a huge bell that you're supposed to ring on the way in the temples to get rid of evil temptations around you.

In that case there wasn't an evil temptation within miles after Munchkin # 1 and Munchkin #2 got finished ringing the bell. lol. It was so cute to watch them ring the bell with the oversize stick.

As we continued on our journey, we stopped in the little gift shop to buy some fish and bird food and that's when the kids had a field day. They got to feed the oversized koi fish and a few birds.

They were so excited to just feed the fish that it made me feel so proud as a mom that they had such a deep appreciation for nature. Not once did they complain or say they were bored. They were even excited to take their shoes off and get to walk inside the big temple.

They're the ones that took the picture of the huge buddha inside the temple. After leaving I asked them if they wanted to come back and take their dad and they both said yes. Oh, and Munchkin # 3 didn't wake up despite me having to push his stroller through some serious gravel.

He definitely made up for it once we got home though. It took me 3 hrs to make a dinner that should've taken me about 35 minutes to make. It was a bit frustrating because Munchkin #2 and Munchkin #1 were really hungry and despite me feeding Munchkin # 3, he was a little fussy for some reason.

Eventually with a little help from his older brothers, he calmed down long enough for me to finish dinner, clean up and get everyone ready for bed.

Whew what a day!! It went by fast but I definitely put some work in. I sooo wish I could have a drink right now. Oh well. I'll just have a cup of tea and call it a night.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shock Collar - Heaven Sent!

So we actually did it! We broke down and bought a shock collar for Chip and it is truly HEAVEN SENT!!!!

Chip's shock level is currently at 2 and it works wonders. I love the fact that there's a tone button to warn him before shocking him because he's actually gotten the point. I immediately trained him in the back yard since that was our biggest problem with him continuing to run away. So I watched him as he tried to run under the fence again and I sounded the tone button and he didn't get it so I shocked him and told him no and he ran super fast into the house. Lol, ok it's not funny but they way he reacted and looked was funny. Don't worry, he's fine.

I must admit that at first, he was a bit scared and had a strange look on his face as he tried to figure out where the shock was coming from but as the night went on, he relaxed.

I went on to train him to stay away from our surround sound speakers that were on the floor. He used to run behind them to hide and would sometimes pull the wires out. Well, not anymore!

I also got him to stay away from a very fragile end table that held some precious art work of ours. I then got him to stay away from our dining table while we were eating which I think is a bad habit for a dog to have especially when having guests over. It's just not a good look to have your dog begging for food.

Oh, Oh, Oh. I actually got him to sit while we opened the front door and the garage door. He tried to run away from both doors at first but after a few seconds of getting shocked, he got the picture so now he just sits and stares at the door. Awesomeness!!! lol

He still has a few commands to get used to but he's doing extremely well compared to how he was before.

I'm so proud of my little Chipster. He's now back to his cuddly, sweet self. :)

Hubby's leaving me!!! :(

OMG hubby's leaving me all alone with our 3 munchkins and Chip until Feb 4th. Eeeeekkk!! I'll be ok, I'll be ok, I'll be ok!! That's my new little chant I'm saying to myself. I mean how bad can it get right? I'm used to juggling schedules and kiddies around by myself. I do practically anything and everything in the house anyway so why am I so stressed about him not being here?

I'll be ok! Seriously, I think I'm a pretty strong and independent and very capable woman. Now that I'm thinking of my daily tasks, I actually don't need hubby - except to possibly keep an eye on the new little munchkin while I cook, clean or take a longer shower than the usual hurry up before the baby cries out type of shower. I also usually ask him to pick up the dog poop in the back yard. Or kill the bugs that may be in the house.

So for the next few weeks I'm praying that no creepy crawlers come into the house since I can't rely on anyone but myself to get rid of it. As for the cooking and cleaning, I'll just hurry up and get it done while little Chace is sleeping. He's pretty good at sleeping throughout the day. He's also pretty good at sitting still and staring at objects around the room (thank God) so I should be good.

I really do think I'll be fine. I've gone through so many deployments with the kids that I'm in permanent deployment, single mom minded mode and occasionally hubby pops in to help so this should be a piece of cake.

I've decided that I'll look at it from a different point of view. Sure I'll miss having hubby around but him being gone will be 1 less person to have to clean up after, cook for and scream, I mean keep reminding about things to get done.

Ok, I feel soooo much better now.
I will be ok!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I can't think of anything else to blog about except for Haiti. I went through the day in awe and dismay. I can't believe this happened to a country that's so poor and that's going through so many issues. It's so very unfair but why would I think that because there's suffering, then that means that person, place or thing is off limits. Obviously suffering knows no boundaries.

I went to a high school in FL with 80% of the student population being Haitian so I have SOOOO many friends who are affected by this tragedy. I've contacted some of them who was happy to report that their families are accounted for but there are a few friends who's families have yet to check in. Even though I don't know these family members, I'm deeply saddened at the fact that they have no idea whether their family members are alive or not. I look at these pictures and many more as well as video footage of the disaster and it is truly catastrophic and so very sad. My heart aches for the people who's lost their lives and for those who lost everything in the 7.0 Earthquake.

It's especially sad to me because Haiti is apart of the Caribbean and is so close to Jamaica. So much so that the tremors were felt in Jamaica. Friends and family said they felt like their houses, schools, and offices rocking from side to side for a few seconds. That's just astounding to me. I can only imagine actually having to experience the shake in the middle of where it all went down.

There's so much devastation and this poor little country has no way of rebuilding without outside help. So many people have come together worldwide to help them which is so sweet and very touching.
I hope this tragedy brings all the countries together not just for a short amount of time but forever because there's a lesson to be learned here. A lesson that says no matter what religion, race or creed you are, we all can lose our lives in the blink of an eye and we're all human beings, we all deserve to have a fair chance to survive in life. I did my part by donating to the fund. Even though I did that, I still feel a bit helpless. I wish I was able to actually go there and do my part in helping them. Since that's probably not going to happen, I'll continue to pray for each and every one who lost their life that they be at peace and that those who survived find solace and strength to fight through this and try their best to thrive in society again.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to that entire country...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My boobs hurt!

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!! my boobies are killing me. Lil man is not giving me a break at all.

Now I'm trying to be the best mom I can possibly be by deciding to breastfeed my 3rd lil munchkin and despite it being my 3rd time around at this breastfeeding thing, it's still just as hard as the first time. The only difference is I now know what to expect. Nevertheless, my boobies hurt from him sucking on them all day. It's not as if I was starving him or anything, I've been home all day but for some reason, he was just extra hungry today which means he's growing which means this pattern will continue. Oh the horror!!! lol.

I dread the day he gets teeth because he's already gumming on my boobs when he falls asleep. So much so that it takes a little effort on my part to pry him off. EEEKK! Just thinking about him chomping down with teeth makes me cringe.

Thinking back I think Munchkin # 1, my oldest boy chomped down with his teeth about 3 or 4 times. The very first time he did that I swear I saw stars. It hit a nerve that I never knew existed. After that I was so tense when I breastfed him. Luckily I was able to ween him off after 1 yr.

Munchkin # 2 on the other hand was a whole other story. He took FOREVER to get off and it was my fault, I guess, well partially. He's a huge mama's boy and when the 1 yr mark passed I thought for sure that he'd be as easy as Munchkin # 1 but NOOOOO!!! He would bawl the whole house down until I breastfed him and at the time I was an 8 to 5 working mom dealing with hubby being a Marine on the Drill field. So I was basically living the life of a single mom with 2 boys and the only way I could get any sort of sleep at night was to breastfeed him for a little bit, so I did. Hey don't judge me!! ;)

Anywhoo, Munchkin # 2 bit down more times than I'd like to remember. I remember he bit me one time so hard that he pierced my skin and this was when he had two bottom as well as two top teeth so I had cuts on both sides of my nipple. Of course I couldn't continue feeding him on that nipple so I had to feed him from one boob for a whole week while the other boob healed and I was sooooo lop sided and was in SOOOOO much pain because breast milk was overflowing at this point. I had to squeeze the milk out with my hand since I couldn't breastfeed or pump because the breast pump hurt just as bad as the sucking would. It was the worst ever.

Some people said that once their baby bit them, that was their cue to stop breastfeeding but since I wasn't at the 1 yr mark yet, I thought I would be doing him a disservice by stopping. So I continued breastfeeding. Oh, Oh Oh!! The story of how I stopped breastfeeding is hilarious.

One night at around 11:30, I was super tired from working, cooking, going over homework, prepping for work and school the next day, cleaning up, you know, being a mom, lol. I had just climbed into bed after assuming both boys were sleeping and in comes Munchkin # 2 wanting some breast milk. So I told him to wait in my bed while I get some water. I went downstairs and proceeded to put hot sauce on both of my boobs. Again, don't judge me!! I came upstairs and started to breastfeed him and of course he pushed away from it and said "booby hot." So I acted all surprised and said "really? oh my, I don't think you can drink it then. Do you want some warm milk or water?" So that night I put him to bed with regular milk. Even though I did that, it took him about a week of trying for him to finally get over it. And boy was I happy. Geesh, it was such a huge relief because to me it was beginning to get a little weird that a 2 yr old refused to stop breastfeeding. Of course I knew he wasn't drinking to get full since he was eating quite well, he just wanted that bonding time and closeness with me which I appreciated and loved but not with the vice he was choosing.

The one thing that all three boys have in common is that they all refused to take a bottle, even when I put breast milk in the bottle. I'd leave hubby with them to go to school or work or the grocery store and I'd call to check on them and I'd hear them in the background screaming their little heads off because they didn't want the breast milk from the bottle despite its temperature being similar to my breasts. Instead they'd wait until I got home and as soon as I put the boob in their mouth, so stops the crying. Amazing! So I'm not enjoying that part of motherhood right now because it means I can't go anywhere for a long time which can be aggravating when you're trying to get some me time. It doesn't help that hubby doesn't have the patience to deal with the fussing. So this is the reason for my sore boobs.

This time around Munchkin # 3 is starting to chomp down just a wee bit earlier than I'd like so I really gotta watch out for him...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Church!

I finally got the opportunity to go back to church since giving birth and boy was it refreshing. It's funny because I've still been praying and reading my bible during the time I couldn't go to church but there's something special about getting to go to a temple of God and getting down and dirty with worshipping him and getting to be around people who are spiritually connected to each other. It was like quenching an extreme thirst.

Delwin and I decided that I'd return to church after Chace got his first set of shots so for the past 2 months I haven't been able to attend church. There's no set time in when you can take a baby out and we've definitely had Chace out quite a bit since he's been born but I was very hesitant about taking him to church because of course I didn't want to interrupt the service if he started fussing and because we'd be sitting for at least an hr and a half so I wasn't too keen on having him in that environment without him having his first set of shots. Not to say that anyone had the cooties or anything but we wanted to make sure.

Luckily for us Chace is such a sweet and calm little baby. All I need to do is keep him full and clean and he's all good. So since he got his shots last week, I was able to head back. Yippee!! I tried to feed him and make sure he was full before the service started and was hoping he'd be asleep but he wanted to see what all the fuss was about so he stayed up the whole service. I think he took a 5 min nap towards the end but he wasn't fussy nonetheless. I did however spend the entire service in the Mother baby suite because as soon as church started, he stuck his entire left hand in his mouth which was his way of telling me that he was hungry. He usually does the sucking the hand thing for about 5 to 10 minutes before he starts fussing and even then, he's not wailing down the place, lucky mee. :) Today once I saw the hand in the mouth, I made sure to exit the sanctuary waaaayy before the fussing would've started.

Anywhoo, today's sermon was about the treasures of the heart. Pastor Art Sepulveda spoke about what you have in your heart, so shall you be. He talked about people complaining and not taking responsibility for the fruits that they produce in life. He used the reference of us being trees and that we're all able to produce fruits but whatever's in your heart, tells you what kind of fruit you'll produce whether it be a dark and sad fruit or a light and happy fruit. So if you want a certain result in life, you have to prune the tree in order for it to produce the fruits in which your heart desires.

It's a simple concept but it can seem difficult to do but of course with time and practice pruning one's self will produce a pleasurable outcome. Man did I need to hear that sermon. I know I have a lot of pruning to do and I'm giving myself the rest of this yr to make sure I work on that. I just have to make sure I let go of my fear and the constant "what if" that floats around in my head. Obviously I know what's in my heart, I just have to get out of my own way and let my heart speak for itself...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jamaican Goodies! YAY!!

When hubby and I moved here with the boys we assumed that we'd get the opportunity to have some of the island food we were used to (we're both from Jamaica). However, as soon as we got on the island, we realized that not only did Hawaii not have a Jamaican restaurant, they also didn't carry Jamaican products in grocery stores. That just added to the culture shock that we had here but luckily last summer I got to leave and head back to Fl where Jamaican products are plentiful and got my fix before having to come back.

Well, during Christmas time I was really going through some serious withdrawals because we didn't have our traditional Christmas rum cake with sorrel. So I called up my mom all pouty lipped complaining that I didn't have any Jamaican stuff on how sad it'll be that I won't be able to be with the fam or have our usual food. So she sent me a HUGE box of Jamaican goodies. First of all we got a really sweet, touching Christmas card that was really personal. I got a HUGE rum cake, some Grace pack soup for me to make Fish Tea, Chicken and Cock soup. I got pimento since for some reason I can't find that seasoning here. I got a huge Spiced bun, Coconut Toto, Coconut Drops, Grater Cake, Tamarind Balls, Festival mix, Corn meal, Hominy corn, Festival cookies, Coconut cookies, Ovaltine cookies, Ovaltine chocolate milk mix, Horlicks, Ginger Tea, Ackee and Saltfish. I am in Heaven right now! I can't wait to dig in and enjoy all this food. Sadly it probably won't last past this month but I will be sure to enjoy and savor each and every bit of this food.

Can you tell how greedy I am? :) I'm going to make some ackee and saltfish with festival for dinner and enjoy a nice piece of rum cake for dessert.
Ciao! :)

I'm on the cover of Military Spouse Magazine !!!!!

Geesh it feels like forever since I've blogged but I have a good excuse. I've been super busy. I promised myself that this yr will be my hustle yr. Sure I'm used to hustling and getting things done but I will admit that I slowed down a bit after getting pregnant last yr so I have a lot of catching up to do. I've been jotting down my to do list for the next 5 months and it's LOOONNNG!! But I love it that way. It makes the days go by faster and it gets me motivated to keep progressing in life and that's exactly what I want 2010 to be for me. I want to focus on progressing in life with my spirituality, family, friends, finances, career and any other arena that I may have left out. ;)
Anywhoo, back to the reason why I'm blogging right now. It's finally here!!!! I'm on the cover of the January issue of Military Spouse magazine and the issue is finally out. YAY!!!! Well, actually I'm sharing it with Chace, he's in my tummy, lol. I still can't believe I actually got to be on the cover of this magazine. What's even more amazing is the response I've gotten from family and friends. They've been soooo supportive. I don't know why I'm so shocked that they would be, they've always been great people. I guess I'm just humbled by the whole experience. I felt so at home and so at peace with getting the opportunity to do one of the things I love to do. If I could wake up and go on photo shoots, a film set or a commercial shoot just for a few hrs every day for the rest of my life as my job, I would be ever so happy and ever so grateful.
I'm loving all these pics from the shoot. I have to give shout outs to a great team. The photographer Liisa Roberts is absolutely AMAZING!!! The jewelry was done by Jane Metcalf who is a creative genius with jewels and the cute maternity clothes were provided by Hot Mama Maternity. I must say that these are by far the cutest maternity clothes I've seen. I don't remember having such cute looking clothes when I was pregnant with Mekhi or Ethan. Last but definitely not least, I have to thank the amazing Dhyana Leung for making my face look absolutely flawless and making me feel glamorous.
We got to shoot at a gorgeous home located in Lanakai, HI with spectacular views of the ocean and lusch grounds everywhere. It was the perfect summer home and within walking distance from the beach. I had the best time ever with these people and of course I would love to get the opportunity to do more shoots. Now that I've put that out into the universe, hopefully it'll happen for me this yr! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chilling with "President Obama!"

OMG 2010 started off GREAT!!!! First of all we rang in the new yr with tons of fireworks and great company and conversations at our friend's house here in Hawaii. Naturally we made it home late and I didn't actually fall asleep until sometime after 2 am. We had to get up at 6:45 am to get the family dressed and ready to go see President Obama.

He's here on vacation with his family and he uses the military base for some of his activities including going to the gym. So we headed over to the gym thinking we'd catch him just as he was leaving but I guess he partied hard last night because he was later than the usual time he'd been going all week. So we ended up waiting for over 2 hrs for him to finish playing basketball and despite him working out intensely for the 2 hrs, he still walked over to us and greeted each and every person in the crowd, it was sooo sweet and sooo gracious of him. He wished us all a Happy New Yr and promised us a great yr.

I was SOOOOO happy that I got to meet and shake hands with the President of the United States of America. How amazing is that? I wouldn't have preferred it any other way. I loved the fact that he was laid back and seemed so real and so approachable despite all the secret service guys around him, he's such an amazing guy. I loved the fact that I got to meet him while he was enjoying his down time, it put the crowd at ease in a way and made the experience more geniune.

I can't wait for what else is in store for 2010 but if today was any indication of what's to come, I definitely better buckle up for the ride cause it will be a sweet, sweet upward bound ride! Yippee!!!! :)