Monday, November 28, 2011

He's HOME!!!

I can FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief because hubby is HOME!!! We're so glad to have him back and even better that he made it back 2 days before Thanksgiving so this year's Thanksgiving was extra special.

We're truly enjoying our family time back. Enjoy the pics...



Finally Complete!! :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 so far...

Wow this year has been filled with lots and lots of challenges so far but as I reflect on everything I realize that God never left me and he's blessed my family and I tremendously. Every time we met a challenge, I had to give God praises because that meant that my family and I were ready for our "promotion" and ready to get to the next level. It hasn't been easy but we hung in there.

Hubby's deployment is in the end stages and I can't wait!!! This time around it went by fast and I love it. I'm itching because we're set to receive orders and it can come any day now. I just pray that where ever we end up, it will be great for the family. I'm sure it will be because we're covered by God. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty training for munchkin # 3

I'm a happy mommy because munchkin # 3 is finally potty trained. Woo hoo!! I love the fact that as moms we get to brag and celebrate what may seem silly but this is a HUGE deal!

I was a little worried this time around because with my other boys, they were potty trained at 16 months and 18 months. The fact that it took 21 months for munchkin # 3 was a little nerve racking. I honestly couldn't see going 2 to 3 years cleaning up poop and pee, lol.

How did I get him trained? I started training him with the # 2 first, I basically watched him like a hawk during the times I knew he'd poop. Before he got the chance to push (sometimes in mid push), I'd pick him up or walk him to the potty, nice and calm and let him do his thing or finish on the toilet. At first, he was scared and would hold it but I sat with him and sang or played around with him and made him feel comfy enough to do his thing. After he did the deed, I'd make a BIG deal out of it. I'd cheer him on, kiss, hug, high five and tickle him and he thought it was the best thing ever. So eventually he loved going on the toilet. :)

For the number 1, that was tricky this time around. My usual trick is to take them to the store and let them pick out cute undies and told them that they couldn't pee in them because the undies were too cool to get wet. Of course they'd have mishaps which was fine but instead of cleaning them up right away, I'd let them walk around in the wet undies and be uncomfortable. After about an hour or so, I'd change them but I'd tell them not to wet them again. This time around my lil guy was actually ok with chilling out in the wet undies! He'd even splash and play in his puddles and thought it was hilarious. Lol. I'd laugh about it since it was odd to me that he'd do that but the OCD in me was NOT happy. I had to focus on the fact that I needed to stop cleaning up pee and poop and that kept me sane. ;)

Eventually, all 3 boys figured out the routine and got with the program. I refused to put pull ups or diapers on them unless they were going to bed or if we were going on the road. Once we were home, it was strictly undies!

It took LOTS and LOTS of patience and realizing that I will be cleaning up pee puddles but as long as he was moving in the right direction which was FAR AWAY from diapers, I was ok with cleaning up the messes. I'd say munchkin # 3 deserves a shopping trip to the mall to get some cute new undies!! :)

That's the fun and excitement for my weekend! Woo hoo!! lol


Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Perserverance


Aloha Ohana!

I wanted to touch on perseverance for this week's inspirational post since it seems to be the word of the year for my family and I.

We've been through a lot of ups and downs and even though the downs have hit us pretty hard, we've experienced some great highs that I really need to start praising and thanking God for.

For the past few weeks I've had to juggle the "back to school" season without hubby and it was pretty hard. We usually do the school shopping together so it was a little rough going at it alone. It wasn't just exhausting because I had to juggle all 3 boys on my own, it just felt odd making every clothing and supply list decision on my own. Nevertheless, I persevered and made it through...

First day of school was rough not having hubby there but we were pleasantly surprised that he got the chance to skype the boys before school so that made our day.

I've recently been trying to potty train munchkin # 3 and it's finally paid off. He's been potty trained with number 2 for some time now but number 1 has been tricky. lol Well, I'm happy to say that he's now fully trained.

The list of things I've been getting checked off my to do list or getting through despite hubby's absence goes on and on. My point in mentioning all these things is to say that despite all the obstacles and hardships I've endured on my own or we've endured as a family recently, we've persevered and it's only be the grace of God that we've been able to do so.

I keep looking at everything as a challenge and the prize is to grow and be stronger. God knows that I'm strong enough to handle these situations. What the devil may mean for harm, I'm choosing to use for growth.

Today's Inspirational message is:

"But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matt 24:13 (KJV)"

I give all the glory to God that I'm able to smile, laugh and be happy for even the simplest of things.

Happy Monday everyone!

Have a blessed and prosperous week!

Ciao! ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catching Up...

Gosh it feels like I haven't been on in ages. This deployment seems to be going by really fast and I'm loving it. It's weird because I want to savor each and every day we still have left here in Hawaii but I'd much rather enjoy them with the hubs. :)

I can't wait until he gets back. This time around I feel spoiled with the amount of times we get to communicate but I'm truly grateful for the way things are. It definitely helps the boys feel better and cope well with having their dad gone.

This summer has definitely been filled with lots of challenges and a bunch of good times. What a year it's been for our family. I must give thanks to God for being right next to me no matter what. I'm so happy with my progress so far as an "Uncommon Christian" and I look forward to the rest of my journey in life. I'm excited for what's to come with my entire family.

Ciao... ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life's too short...

Feels like I haven't been writing in ages. My family's been going through some rough times lately. We recently had to deal with the unexpected death of my father in law. I still can't believe he's gone even as I'm typing this. Even though we weren't extremely close it's still a huge blow. He wasn't sick or anything and we still don't know what happened especially since he was still quite young.

Since hubby is deployed it was quite an adventure getting him to leave for the funeral. For me, traveling with 3 young boys was a scary thought but it needed to be done to get to see and support hubby and the rest of the family.

Although it was a tremendously sad time for the family we decided to make sure we stayed in touch more and really love and support each other. We miss him dearly and wish that we could tell and show him how much he was loved by us all. I'm sure he knew but it doesn't hurt to say it as often as you can.

We learned that we can't take life for granted because it can be over in the blink of an eye. I have to admit that due to his death, my focus has changed. I've been leaning and grabbing a hold of God more and more these days. I want to make sure I'm living the life God wants me to live, not the one I think I should live. I've been asking him to guide my steps now more than ever. I don't ever want to waste a minute on this earth and I want to make sure my children or entire family won't either.

Here's to starting fresh or adding boost of energy and focus...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "My House"

Well, well, well, this past weekend was a pretty interesting one. With all this talk about the rapture I really wonder where Pastor Camping is right now? Has anyone seen him? lol I know the bible mentioning that no one knows the time nor the hour of the Lord's return and it also mentions that there will be false prophets so we must be ware. Well, I'd say this weekend was evident of that. The bible also tells us to be forgiving so I'll forgive Pastor Camping for deceiving us even though I wasn't quite sold on his "prediction." ;)

Instead of focusing on confusion or deception for this week's post, I decided to stay positive and focus on home. For one, home is where the heart is and my heart is definitely filled with love so of course I expect my home to be filled with love as well.

This week's message is:

"Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." Psalm 23:6

Simple but powerful huh?

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Refresh"

Aloha Ohana!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. This past week was such an amazing week for me as a mom and 1 I will never forget. Munchkin # 1 went on a field trip to the Big Island which is about a 35 min flight from here. He was gone for THREE days!! I thought I was gonna die. lol. I prayed like I've never prayed before. God laid some serious peace over me because I really thought I would panic more than I did. lol Don't get me wrong, I trained up my kids well but not being able to read to him, say prayers with him, talk to him or give him hugs n kisses really sucked. ;) His last day there he told me he was ready to come home and that touched my heart. He was sweet enough to buy us all souvenirs from his trip when he didn't have to nor did we ask for anything. I was so happy to have him home and I'm really glad he got this experience. It's one I'm sure he'll never forget and the stories he told us about his trip were priceless.

I was then privileged to attend munchkin # 2's 1st piano recital. :) This is a HUGE deal because anyone who knows him knows he is the shyest little boy ever and has actually cried at the thought of being in front of an audience or being left alone in a room with other people unless we were around him. He fell in love with the idea of playing piano last year and started in December. The growth that he's shown in his self confidence and being more open is tremendous. I was so tickled to see him play. I'll share more pics/videos about them in upcoming posts so stay tuned for that...

It was a little bittersweet because hubby didn't get to experience any of these lovely moments firsthand but we made sure to document it well for him.

I'm just over the moon and so grateful that God has blessed me with these boys and I pray that he'll continue to use me to plant/nourish the seeds of faith, fear and love for him in them.

Well, enough about my weekend. lol. I read this message and thought it was perfect to share because I now make it a point that as soon as I wake up every morning, before I even jump out of bed, I talk to God. Even if it's to say "I love you God" or "Thank you for this day God." I know it's short but at least I feel like I can start my day better by recognizing the one who allowed me to wake up each day.

Today's message is:

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go for to you I lift up my soul" Psalm 143:8

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!

Mahalo for stopping by :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "My Portion"

Aloha Ohana!

Look at my little angels!! Hubby snapped this pic of them while waiting for me to get finished shopping. These are their "are you done yet, mommy?" looks. lol. Even though they were all royally miserable for having to wait for me they're still super duper cute. In my defense, I didn't take that long in the fitting room. ;)

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! I had a great Mother's Day with my boys even though hubby was missing. My boys made sure I knew how much they loved me with tons of artwork, hugs and kisses that meant the world to me.

As a mom of little ones I hardly have time to brush my teeth or take a bath without interruption but while reflecting on my duty as a mom, I wouldn't have it any other way. Although there are times of frustration, the good far outweighs the bad when it comes to motherhood. My children bring me so much joy on a daily basis that I'm truly thankful that God trusted me enough with these precious lives to care for and raise them up. I just hope I do a good job and not allow the trials of the world to affect me or my children.

After going through a few passages I was inspired to share this message with you all...

"Lord you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Psalm 16:5-6

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!!

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Refuge"

Aloha Ohana!!

What a momentous and historical occasion we've experienced. I can't begin to put into words the sense of accomplishment and relief the news of Osama's death brings to our nation. While it's a bit strange to be celebrating the death of a human being. I can't help but to feel joy over the fact that this signifies justice for what our nation went through on 9/11 and hopefully the death of an era. An era of terror and pure evil. I'm happy that our country is brave enough to stand it's ground in seeking out and getting rid of people whose sole purpose is to harm and destroy others.

While it's a great time to celebrate, I've decided to pray now more than ever for the thousands of troops, including my hubby, who are currently deployed to the middle east. It is written that as we draw closer and closer to God and his purpose in this world, the enemy will raise up and continue to attack. I know the war on terror is not over but the bible tells us to never fear, because Jesus has already paid the price for our trials and tribulations.

So through the blood of Christ Jesus I pray that this war will come to a swift end and our troops will come home as soon as possible. I know there's still work to be done to stabilize that area but I pray that the world will come together and get the task done within a short period of time.

I was moved to share these scriptures for today's post:

"You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday." - Psalm 91:5-6

"Because you have made the Lord your refuge & the most High your dwelling place. There shall be no evil befall you, now any plague or calamity come near your tent. He will give his angels special charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways of obedience and service." Psalm 91:9-11

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!!

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Roots"

Aloha and Happy Monday Ohana!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. My weekend was pretty eventful but very nice. Hubby and I made sure our boys knew the true meaning of the Holiday because it's way too important to drown it out with Easter eggs and bunny. Don't get me wrong, we still took part in Easter egg hunts but we wanted to make sure they knew that Easter wasn't about eggs or bunnies or candy.

This particular Holiday was extra special because it's when Christ died for each and every one of us whether we deserved it or not. It's such an awe inspiring concept to sit and meditate on. Little old me... Jesus died for me. Jesus bared ALL that he did on the cross and died a slow and painful death just for me. I can't help but to be grateful to him and live the life he wants me to live.

Every year my church puts on a huge Easter production about the miracles Jesus performed as well as him being crucified on the cross. It's a poignant story and one I will never get tired of hearing or seeing. This year's play was especially touching for me since I've been digging deeper into the word of God. It's like I was seeing and hearing everything through a newer and better perspective. I like this new me. :)

I found this scripture and thought it fit this week's post perfectly:

"So walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude." - Colossians 2:6-7 NASB

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Prayer"

Aloha Ohana! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend was super busy but in a good way. It was spent hanging out with family and friends. We celebrated birthdays with great friends and just bonded more as a family which is always a great thing.

I wanted to write this post about prayer because it's something that seems so simple but in actuality I was a closet prayer. What I mean by that is that I have no problems praying out loud at home around my immediate family. I pray day and night at home or even in the car. However, whenever we have an event, host a game night or whenever there were people other than my family around, I was usually the one passing the "prayer torch" to my hubby and while he doesn't mind and is pretty good at it, I now know that I need to step my game up.

Prayer is God's way of communicating with us and God wants us to communicate with him at all times. He also wants us to be able to pray for others. Sometimes it's going to mean praying out loud in the middle of a crowded room. As a christian it's a part of our christian duty to pray for others but speaking our prayers out loud really gives the devil a run for his money. It gives us more power and resilience and let's the devil know that we mean business when we speak to our God. It puts him in his place. This fear I had for praying out loud was perfect for satan to weasel his way into my head and start planting seeds of doubt. Well, after realizing this, I'm now more determined than ever to pluck out those seeds and get rid of them.

I know God's not placing pressure on me but I know that in order for me to be as Creflo Dollar said "a cut above christian," I need to improve my prayer life. It's funny because God knows exactly what or who we need to help us take the next step to becoming more like him. I'm a part of a life group aka bible study where our teacher inspires and pushes us to either open or close in prayer. At first, I would clam up and get so nervous that my voice would crack in the middle of prayer. I was so worried about what to say, how to say, how much to say that I completely missed the point of what prayer's all about. God doesn't care about the nitty gritty of prayers, he just wants us to talk to him.

Looking back at it, I completely complicated something that's so simple and pure. I'm much better at praying now and although I'm not a very outspoken or extroverted person, I'm now more open to praying out loud. I just speak from the heart and ask the holy spirit to guide me. I can actually laugh at myself now for how silly I was before because I know that God has my back at all times so there really wasn't anything to worry about.

This week's inspirational message is:

"Prayer is meant to be a part of our lives, like breathing, thinking, and talking. God is portable." - Gloria Gaither

"Show me where to walk, for my prayer is sincere." - Psalm 143: 8 TLB

Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous week!

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Encounter with God"

Aloha and Happy Monday Ohana!

Before I get into the usual inspirational post I wanted to share what I did this past weekend. I had the tremendous opportunity to get closer to God.

I was raised in the church and was taught the fear of God from a very young age. Luckily for me I never lost my way from the way of the Lord. I did however, "scale the line." The line of jumping full force into my walk with God and jumping into the ways of the world. I went to church, read my bible, prayed and did good deeds. What I didn't do until now was to totally devote myself to God. I didn't always wake up early enough to give God his glory and start the day with him. I didn't always devote my night to him before going to bed. I didn't always keep the best set of friends. I tried my best to do these things but didn't think anything of it if I missed the chance to do them. I know I'm not perfect and I know God understands when we fall short. What matters is recognizing the wrongs and doing the necessary steps it takes to make them right, then continue making right decisions for the future.

I thought I was being a good Christian but God wants more from us. He wants all of us. He wants us to think of him in all we do and in all we say. He wants us to wake up and give him praises, he wants us to invite him to walk with us for our entire day, each and every day.

My church here in Hawaii provides the congregation with various classes designed to help us grow closer, understand and truly love God. So I dedicated my entire weekend to taking classes and really getting my spiritual fix. I now feel so refreshed and free. Free from all transgressions and ready for a new day and a new way of living.

I learned a WHOLE lot in class this past weekend but a cool saying I was taught was that God wants us to be "H.O.T" for him. "H.O.T" meaning "Honest," "Open," & "Transparent." We can even take it further and be "H.O.T.A" for him. "H.O.T.A." meaning "Honest," "Open," "Transparent," & "Accountable." Isn't that great? Yes, you can steal it. ;) lol

I'm now in a place where I can't wait to wake up and talk to God. I can't wait to ask him to hang out with me for the whole day. I can't wait to praise him in the good and the bad. I feel myself getting more mature in God and I'm so happy about it. :)

Today's inspirational quote is:

"Let us with a happy mind praise the Lord for he is kind. His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure." "His compassion never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness... The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him." - Lamentations 3:22-23, 25 NIV

Isn't God's grace and mercy for us awesome?!

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone.

Mahalo for stopping by. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "The Little Things"

As a mom I'm faced with tons of opportunities to not only teach my children life's lessons but to learn from them myself. These days it seems as though I'm always learning new things, especially when dealing with boys. They get into anything and everything and I now realize that they think and do completely different things that girls their age do.

They're pretty good boys but of course there are times when I have an "open mouth" moment when what they do is so puzzling to me that I have nothing to say or do other than to just "open my mouth" in awe. lol

Lately they've had some issues appreciating the simple things even if it's a toy. To them, if its fun and they break it then oh well. I had to tell them that God only blesses you with bigger things if you prove to him that you can appreciate and take care of the small things. It's not about being materialistic, its about taking care of what you have and not just to get better things, to just appreciate what God's blessed us with.

It's only when we appreciate the simple and small things that we can be blessed with bigger and better things of God. Again, not speaking from a materialistic point of view but rather a spiritual view where God sees that we are capable of handling his work and the purpose he has for our lives.

I read this message and thought it matched perfectly with the lessons I've been teaching my boys...

"Dear Lord, today let us be victorious over the little things in life. Help us to show love to those around us, to willingly share what we have, to speak kindly to those in need of a kind word. Even if what we have to watch over seems small and unimportant, remind is to do our job with mercy, justice, and love. Let us handle small things with big hearts. Amen."

"Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things." - Matthew 25:21 NKJV

Happy Monday everyone. Have a blessed and prosperous week.

Ciao! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Plans"

With all that's been going on in the world recently it's only fitting that today's Inspirational post be about the plans God has in store for us. While the recent events doesn't make much sense to us, we can't let go of the healing and comforting hands of God.

What happened in Japan is unbelievably sad and so incomprehensible. I know that people are left asking "Why God?, Why me? Why us? This is so unfair" While we don't have an exact answer and I know righteous people of God were greatly affected by this past week's tragedy, I know that God did not and never will forsake them. He wants us to grab on to him as tightly as possible and trust that he has a plan for us. Even when things seem too overwhelming and disastrous, trust him...

This week's Inspirational quote says it best:

"Only God, who sees from beginning to end, can determine what is fair." - Janette Oke

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Lord we ask that your strength, protection and healing hands be placed on the people of Japan. We pray that you comfort them as they try their best to rebuild their lives. We ask that you reach out to them and help them to view this situation as a way to start new. Help them to not let go of their faith in you and for them to truly lean on you while they maneuver through this dark time. We pray that you'll continue to bestow blessings on them and help nations across the world to rise up and lend a helping hand. We pray that this situation will help unite us and bring us closer to you and to each other. In Jesus's name, Amen.

I'm asking that you all continue to pray for the people of Japan.

Happy Monday everyone.

Have a blessed and prosperous week.

Tsunami # 2

How could something so beautiful be so deadly and dangerous?

It was just a year ago when I received a call at 5 am about a tsunami set to hit Hawaii around 11 am. I was so out of it and shocked that I had to take a minute to try to grasp the fact that a huge wave or waves would be hitting land and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I remember it like it was yesterday but instead of writing about it again, you can check out that post here!

This time around I think it hit me differently because the footage of Japan's disaster was so raw and quick and devastating. It's such a sad thing to see happen and especially when it's something you can't prevent. When Hawaii went into a state of emergency and received our very own tsunami warning things got really intense. You'd think I was more at ease this time around but no such luck. First of all we now live within walking distance of the ocean and Japan is much closer to Hawaii than Chile was and of course after seeing the footage of Japan's destruction, I couldn't help but to be worried.

Luckily we had the option to stay with our friends who lived on much higher ground. We packed up and camped out for the night and was so relieved when the tsunami didn't hit us. I must say that Hawaii was really on top of things. They made sure that they kept us in the loop while staying as calm as possible. Our politicians and rescue teams were with us every step of the way and for that I'm truly grateful.

This year is turning out to be quite an emotional roller coaster. While I've been enjoying some really great highs, I've had to really dig myself out of some really low lows. I'm praying that the rest of the year will be less intense as it's been so far. If it stays on the same course as it's been going, I pray for strength, courage and endurance to make it through. I know that all I need is my God and my faith and I definitely have that in tact so I'll be good. :) It'll just be nice to just chill out for a bit...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Delight"

Gosh where did the weekend go? It went by entirely too fast but I enjoyed every minute of it because this weekend was spent spending some great quality time with my family and friends. I hope you guys had a lovely weekend as well.

In searching for inspirational quotes to share with you all, I came across one that I felt was so perfect for the way I've been feeling lately...

"Dear Lord, grant me the grace of wonder. Surprise me, amaze me, awe me in every crevice of your universe. Delight me to see how your Christ plays in ten thousand places... I do not ask to see the reason for it all; I ask only to share the wonder of it all." - Joshua Abraham Heschel

"Surely then you will find delight in the Almighty and will lift up your face to God." - Job 22:26 NIV

I hope this message touches your heart and inspires you this week.

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone. :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Truth"

Aloha Ohana!! I trust everyone had a lovely weekend. My weekend went by super fast. It's the last weekend my sister will be here so we made the best of it. It's been an exciting and fun couple of weeks and I'll definitely miss having her around.

The past few weeks have been quite interesting in my family. We ended up having 2 deaths in our family in one day. 1 was totally unexpected while the other was expected but still quite sad. Although both members were Christians and we know that they are in a better place and resting peacefully in God's Kingdom, it still hurts to know that we'll no longer be able to see or speak with those family members.

On the other hand my best friend got married this past weekend and I wasn't able to make it because my hubby had to go to Jamaica for one of the funerals. I didn't get to make it to any of the funerals since I had the kids to look after and it would've been a bit much for us to travel so far with 3 kids.

It's been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. I share all this info because for this week's post I was moved to give thanks to the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with my sister, be happy and send good vibes to my best friend and truly be grateful for the time I had with the loved ones we lost.

"Lord when our life changes, help us to adjust. Sometimes it's just little things, like having to eat pancakes for dinners. Sometimes it's big things like moving, divorce or the loss of a loved one. Lord, we praise you for being with us through the good and the bad. Help us to cling to you. Help us to accept what life throws at us, as well as the grace you offer us to get through it." - Blessings & Prayers for Families

"For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." - Philippians 4:11 NIV

Happy Monday everyone!!

Have a blessed and prosperous week. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Stay Grounded"

This past week has been pretty interesting for me. Have you every felt like you're going along in life with your to do list and goals and just when you think you're breaking ground and getting ahead, something happens to through off your plans? Well that's the way I've been feeling lately. I know the feeling won't last and I know it's just the devil's way of tripping me up but it's still a battle I must face but boy am I glad I'm not facing it alone.

Of course the best way to get through this feeling is to continue to pray and stay grounded knowing that while we're working on the home front God's working behind doors on our behalf.

I found the perfect message that helped me get through this past week...

"Thank you Father for putting us right where we are. So many times we've heard, "bloom where you are planted." Help us to do that. Help us take whatever gift you have given us and use it to make the world a better place. Help us to spread your love from where we are right now. Amen"

"To enjoy your work and to accept your lot in life - that is indeed a gift from God. The person who does that will not need to look back with sorrow on his past, for God gives him joy." - Ecclesiastes 5:20 TLB

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Happy Monday everyone!

Have a blessed and prosperous week. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies!!

It's Valentine's Day and this year I'm pretty blessed to get to share my Valentine's Day with these fabulous folks below:

Hubby and I at last year's Marine Corps Ball

The Fam and I at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

My 3 gorgeous heartbeats at last year's Mother's Day celebration

My little sister and bestie Latoya. She's gonna be hanging out with me here in Hawaii for a WHOLE month. Yippee!! Isn't she gorgeous? It's in the genes. he he ;)

I hope you guys enjoy the ones you love on this special day and every day thereafter.

Happy Valentine's Day lovies!!

Ciao :)

Inspirational Mondays - "Love One Another"

Happy Valentine's Day Ohana!!

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to make sure I posted a message that was all about love. I hope you guys enjoy all the chocolates, gifts, cards, letters, etc that you'll be receiving as well as giving.

Let's not forget that the same effort we put into making sure our loved ones have a fabulous Valentine's Day is the same effort we should put in day in and day out. It's easier said than done, especially when our family's schedules can get hectic. Nevertheless, they're well worth the effort so even if it's a little note, text, email, sweet card or spending quality time, please make sure to make that special treat a priority for the ones you love.

With that said, this week's message is:

"Jesus, you said that of all the things we should do, loving is the most important. We love you Jesus. We love each other. Thank you for each person you have given us to love. When someone in this family is grumpy and ill-tempered, help our love to increase so we can overlook any wrongs. Help us to love each other every day. Amen"

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." - 1 Peter 4:8 NIV

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all have a fabulous & lovely Valentine's Day.

Have a blessed and prosperous week. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Watch Over Us"

We all know that it's important for us to turn to God not just for the things that we need or lack but for the simple things such as getting us through our day. The best way to get closer to God is to always talk to him and ask him to be with you at all times. Of course, he says he'll never forsake us but it's extremely important to "ask" him to be with you in "all" you do. He wants us to want him. He wants to know that we think highly enough of him that we can't go anywhere or do anything without turning to him.

I recently read the perfect prayer for my family and I to start our day and I thought it would be perfect to share with you all.

"Dear Heavenly Father, please go with each member of this family each day. Protect us as we go our separate ways. Watch over each soul. When we meet again, together we will praise and worship you and give thanks for your guidance and protection. Amen"

"May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from another" - Genesis 31:49 NKIV

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you're geared up for a fantastic week!

Happy Monday everyone!

Have a blessed and prosperous week. :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Your Will be Done"

Do you ever feel like you're stuck? Like you think you're on the right path but because you don't get the response you're looking for, you tend to hesitate?

I've been having that feeling lately. I tend to over analyze things sometimes which ends up frustrating me. I know that all I need to do is trust God and I know that he'll ALWAYS have my back. I guess my impatience gets the best of me sometimes so when I read this message this week, I knew I had to share it with you all.

"God we have so many questions and so few answers. Reveal to us your will. Show us your path and give us the wisdom to follow it. Feed us your word God, educate us in your way. When the questions of life are confusing or overwhelming, remind us to wait on you, the one who has all the answers." - Blessings & Prayers for Families

I hope these words comfort you all and that you'll always remember to trust in God's timing and not your own.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone.

Be kind and don't forget to smile. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Start Over"

What do you guys do when it's been "one of those days" or "weeks" or "months" ?

I recently received a message via email that I was so grateful for because last week was "one of those weeks" where everything that could go wrong was going wrong and the devil was working overtime to trip me up.

I had to really focus and give thanks to God during the midst of it all because I know that as a servant of God, the closer you get to him, the harder the devil will try to get you down. So this past week, I guess I was super duper close to God because the devil was a piece of work. Nevertheless, I had to smile about it because I felt safe, secure and loved by God because he never let me fall and everything worked out in the end.

This message helped me feel so much better about all that went down...

Start Over

"When you've trusted Jesus and walked his way
When you've felt his hand lead you day by day
But your steps now take you another way,
start over.

When you've made your plans and they've gone awry
When you've tried your best and there's no more try
When you've failed yourself and you don't know why,
start over.

When you've told your friends what you plan to do
When you've trusted them and they didn't come through
And now you're all alone and it's up to you,
start over.

When you've failed your kids and they're grown and gone
When you've done your best but it's turned out wrong
And now your grandchildren have come along,
start over.

When you've prayed to God so you'll know his will
When you've prayed and prayed and you don't know still
When you want to stop cause you've had your fill,
start over.

When you think you're finished and want to quit
When you've bottomed out in life's deepest pit
When you've tried and tried to get out of it,
start over.

When the year has been long and successes few
When December comes and you're feeling blue
God gives a January just for you,
start over.

Starting over means "Victories Won"
Starting over means "A Race Well Run"
Starting over means "The Lords' Will Done"
We need not just sit there ... START OVER."

Special thanks to Tony England from the FB group "Jamaicans for Jesus" for this wonderful and poignant message.

Happy Monday everyone!

Have a blessed and prosperous week!

Ciao! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Sacrifice"

Happy Birthday to a man who depicted such strength, courage, humility and most of all sacrifice. It is with great pride and honor that I get to type the name Martin Luther King Jr. A man with such a strong vision and who dared to believe in fairness and respect for all no matter the color of our skin.

Since this is such a special day, I was moved to find an inspirational message that touched on sacrifice and realizing the human spirit. Martin Luther King Jr was a man who reached out to the masses. He taught us how to stand up for your rights and realize that this world is way bigger than just ourselves. We each have a purpose in this world and to try to hinder anyone from meeting their potential isn't just wrong, it's an injustice to God's word.

This week's inspirational passage is...

"Dearest Jesus, help us to remember that whether we want to be or not, we are YOUR Ambassadors on earth. We are watched by the world. What the world experiences of your love, sincerity, and holiness is experienced through us. Help us to remember that when we reach out to someone, we are reaching for you. That when we speak to them, they are hearing you. That when we do neither, they feel as if you passed them by. Jesus, help us to be good ambassadors."

Enjoy your MLK Holiday but please don't forget the sacrifice that was made in order for us to celebrate this day.

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!

Ciao :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Protection"

How was everyone's first week of 2011?! I'd say mine was pretty interesting. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly highs but there has been some lows just from listening to news stories.

With the recent tragedy in Arizona I was moved to search for a scripture that focused on protection. It was such a senseless and horrible tragedy and a terrible way to start off the year. I thought this scripture was fitting...

"The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." - Psalm 18:2

I've been praying for each of the families affected by the shootings. I'd love for you all to continue to pray for the families as well.

Stay safe and make sure you tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get. Cherish every second you have with them. I pray that you all have a blessed and prosperous week.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet and Greet with the President

Here it is, just like I promised. My second time meeting the President. The coolest part of this video is him giving munchkin # 3 his new nickname, "Curly top." Isn't it cool?

I can't wait for him to grow up and find out who gave him his nickname. It'll be an all around great story to share with all 3 boys. :)

I'm sure munchkin #1 will get a kick out of the fact that he said "Ok, can we go home now?" about the President of the United States of America. Kids say the darndest things I tell ya.

Enjoy the video! :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Be Courteous"

Well it's a new year and I am very excited about the possibilities and opportunities that I'll be facing in 2011!

It's a time to reinvent myself and push forward towards my goals. 2010 ended on a good note for my family and I. We got to shake hands with President Obama again and we got to see Michelle as well (missed her last year). I'll post a video of the meet n greet later on this week.

Hubby was also promoted to 1stSgt. Sweet!! I can't say I was surprised since he was the acting 1stSgt of his unit anyway but to make it official and 2 years ahead of the time he should be getting it (by Marine Corps standards) made it that much sweeter.

I can't help but to continue on this high. :) With that said, I'm aiming high for 2011 and instead of talking about it, I'm just gonna do it and hope you all stick it out with me on my journey.

I'd like to thank you guys for stopping by and reading my posts, it means a lot to me.

This week's inspirational post talks about being compassionate and courteous to one another.

"Lord, let our hearts be broken for each other. Let us daily feel what it is like to walk in each other's shoes; to be the first to offer help, comfort, and prayer to those who need it. Let us not judge first, but hug first. Let us truly listen and treat each other as we would treat you."

"All of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another, love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous." - 1 Peter 3:8 NKJV

I can't think of a better way to start the year than to follow the message above.

Happy Monday everyone and as always, have a blessed and prosperous week. :)

Happy New Year!!!