Hilton Commercial 2008: "Life, Love & Laughter"

Hilton Commerical: "Life, Love & Laughter" Video by Donavon Frankenreiter - MySpace Video

I woke up this morning thinking about this commercial that my family did last year. We were living in San Diego and I saw a posting on craigslist for different families. I submitted my family's pictures just on a hunch not really thinking that we'd get it. We ended up getting called to audition downtown San Diego then getting to the callbacks then getting casted for it. At the time Ethan had a huge afro and they ended up cutting it down a bit which prompted us to give him his first hair cut because we couldnt put it up in his usual ponytail anymore.

Anyway, I was already involved in entertainment industry so I was familiar with being on a set and Ethan had already been involved in a print campaign but he was only 4 months old so he wouldn't remember. This however, was my first national commercial so I was super excited. The day came to shoot our spot and it was absolutely perfect. The weather was gorgeous. We got on set around 9 am, got into hair and make up and wardrobe and was finished wrapping by noon. I think this was my favorite shoot to date because it involved my entire family and we worked well with each other without too much drama. The kids loved it because there was sooo much food on set and they couldn't believe that they could eat anything and everything they wanted to. Funny thing is I got cut out of the final product, lol. How ironic is that? The commercial ended up running daily throughout the Beijing Olympics which prompted tons of phone calls, texts and emails from family and friends. There was also a bit of a celebrity sighting for the boys and hubby in a LA mall that winter. It was pretty exciting for us. :)

Hope u enjoy viewing the commercial just as much as we had fun shooting it.


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