Funny Kiddy Story - "Where's my tooth?"

I've come to realize that my brain isn't what it once was. I think we give our memory and some common sense to our children during pregnancy which means that after 3 pregnancies I'm now a little slow, lol. My kids bring sooo much joy to my life especially when they do or say the darnedest things. With what I've experienced thus far I could've written a book by now. Funny thing is, I don't remember half the stories until something triggers my memory and I bust out laughing about a particular story.

With that said I've decided that every time my kids do or say something funny or profound, I'll just blog about it. The most recent story comes from Munchkin # 1 and 2, Mekhi and Ethan. Mekhi lost a tooth the other day. Our process for losing a tooth is having him place his tooth in a small ziploc bag and place it under his pillow then while he's sleeping or whenever we remember (lol), we place $5 in the bag and take the tooth. Ok, before I get ripped for giving my child $5, blame it on his dad. I wanted to go with a quarter or a dollar per tooth but hot shot daddy went with $5 the first time without me knowing so now we're stuck with having to continue that. Ok, back to the story. Mekhi places the tooth under his pillow and just before going to bed he went to double check to make sure he placed the bag properly under his pillow. All of a sudden he runs into our room crying and mumbling something. Finally he calms down enough to tell us that his brother has stolen his tooth. Ethan runs in behind him shaking his head and screaming, "No I didn't, I put it back!" So after my initial burst of laughter, I try to get serious about the situation and ask Ethan why he would take the tooth in the first place since he said he put it back. Of course he didn't have an answer so I told him to go search for the tooth and never take things that don't belong to him.

After 5 minutes, Ethan shouts out, "here it is!" Much to Mekhi's dismay, it was only a piece of trash from under the bed. (I'm absolutely dying of laughter while writing this by the way) Both boys continue to argue while searching for the tooth until their dad realizes that there are 2 ziploc bags in the room and the one with the tooth was indeed on the bed but not under the pillow. Apparently Ethan was playing with the tooth while Mekhi was out of the room and when he heard Mekhi heading towards the room, he through the bag on the bed hoping not to get caught. Mekhi saw "a" ziploc bag and not knowing why it wasn't under his pillow, he freaked out.

Moral of the story, don't play with other people's teeth, LMAO. I mean really, who does that? It's just gross!!


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