Ever since giving birth to Chace, the kids have been fascinated with video taping him so I was intrigued to find tapes of Mekhi and Ethan when they were babies. Unfortunately Delwin and I didn't video tape Mekhi that much but once Ethan was born we made up for it by doubling up on taping both of them, well mainly I did since their dad spent most of the early years of their lives away from them in combat.

Anyway, we watched all the videos this past week and were dying with laughter. I laughed so hard that I started crying at some of the tapes. It was especially sweet for hubby to see them because he'd never seen some of the tapes before and it made him smile to see the boys at that stage of their lives. It's funny because some of the stuff on there I didn't even remember doing or saying. It's strange how our memory bank only holds on to certain situations. I'm so grateful that I have these tapes and that the kids get to experience it as well. So that definitely got me started on taping all 3 boys from now on.

I'll be sure to share some of the videos on here in the very near future.

Ciao! :)


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