Wednesday, January 18, 2012

VOTE for me to be the next Military Spouse of the Year

Aloha Family & Friends~

Hope all's well with everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I've been chosen as one of 30 finalists to be the "2012 Military Spouse of the Year." This is a great honor for me since there are 1.1 million military spouses and each of us could have easily been chosen for this prestigious award. 

Along with the title of "Military Spouse of the Year," we're expected to have a platform. My platform is to change all the public schools on military bases across the world to Department of Defense schools and implement one standard curriculum which will be easy for military children to transition to new schools when it comes time for us to move. For non military families this may not be that big of a deal but for military families it's means a lot because we're having to move every 3 years, sometimes in the middle of the school year. My goal is to see that all the schools have the same top level education so that my boys won't fall behind when going from one base to another. Right now, each base that's not funded by the Department of Defense has to follow state laws which means the children follow whatever guidelines provided which often times does not have anything to do with being a military child. There are not a lot of provisions out there to help support them and ensure they're not left behind when getting to the next base.  A lot of wives end up home schooling their children or sending them to private school which is quite costly.

I say all that to say that I NEED your support. I've got some pretty stiff competition so EVERY vote counts.

Please click this link to vote: All you need to do is input your name, email and zip code for a confirmation link and that's it. You won't be added to any lists or receive spam mail. :)

You can vote every hour, every day!! (I'll get an end date for voting later on in the week)

Please share this with your friends and family, libraries, schools, grocery store clerk, post man, Fedex delivery guy, practically everyone and anyone. ;) Also, PLEASE, PLEASE post the voting link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I'd like to say thank you in advance for the support. I would really love to win this honor so let's make it happen people!

Have a blessed and prosperous week.