Breakfast at Kerry's

Today started off rather uneventful until our absolutely lovely puppy Chip decided that he wanted to eat my breakfast. Ok, here's how it went down. I get up or rather Chace wakes me up to eat so I give him breakfast in bed then I headed downstairs to get my own breakfast with Chace in tow. I checked to make sure Chip has food and water in his bowl which he did. I then decided to make something quick and easy for myself so I can hurry and get my errands started. I pick a bagel and make some coffee to go with it. I started watching TV and got a call from Ethan's doctor about his infected toe (a whole other story). They ask me to look at his toe to make sure the swelling's going down.

So I grabbed up Chace, put my coffee down and left my bagel on the couch in a rush to head up to Ethan. Now Chip knows that he's not allowed in our couch but he still tries his best to get on the couch and when he realizes he's caught, he quickly jumps out and runs to hide.
Anyway, I put Chace in his crib, take a quick look at Ethan's toe which is healing nicely, I tell the doctor that he's fine and I head back downstairs to get my bagel. In the 2 minutes it took me to do all of that, Chip had jumped up in the couch, stolen my bagel out of my plate and went under the kitchen table to eat it. I was SOOOOOO pissed because I was really hungry and it was the LAST bagel. Of course he got in some serious trouble for that. I know he's a dog and it's what's expected of them but not in my house. He knew better not to try to get the bagel while I was sitting down next to it, he sure as hell knows that he's not supposed to go for it when I'm not in the room. After all, I didn't put it in his damn dog bowl!!

This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks that he's decided to get bold and eat our food. Both Mekhi and Ethan tend to eat in stages so they'll eat a fair share of their food and leave some in case they get hungry again. So usually I tell them to leave the food on the table for quick access. Well one morning I gave the boys sausages for breakfast and Chip LOVES sausages so I gave him a couple IN HIS BOWL!! Apparently that wasn't enough because Ethan got up from the table and went to get something from the kitchen only to come back to an empty plate. Chip jumped on the chair and proceeded to eat every single sausage out of Ethan's plate and jumped back down and went to hide to make sure he didn't get in trouble. This shows that he knows that he's not supposed to be doing that. We all laughed about it at first but its a huge problem because now he tries to jump on us while we're eating to get our food. Of course we tell him no but again, he's gone deaf when it comes to that word for some reason. It's just bad manners on his part and I would hate for guests to come over and have to deal with him trying to get their food.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but where I'm from dogs live outside and only gets to eat left overs and scraps from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only kind of dog food was something we called "tun cornmeal" which was a hard cornmeal paste like substance mixed with sardines. Yep, its gross and yes this sort of treatment is bad but if its something you're used to then it's hard to break out of but we did. Chip is living the life here but he's starting to take advantage of that life and its starting to get on my last nerve. It's as if I have 5 kids instead of 3 (if I included hubby and the dog, he he). To be quite honest I didn't think there was such a thing as small dogs and I certainly didn't know of any dog breeds. Most of the dogs I was around (which was a lot) were all mutts and were huge and used strictly for guarding our houses. I'm glad that I broke out of that particular treatment and I'm happy we have Chip as a pet, honestly I am but he is definitely flirting with a thin line. A line that will cause him to go for a LOOOONNNNGGGG walk!!


  1. Over the weekend I left a huge plate of fufu an melon soup downstairs beside Kobe for about 5 minutes. I came back to see him just staring. HA!

  2. LOL, Kobe's the funniest! At least he's well behaved for the most part


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