Thursday, December 31, 2009


We're about to head out to a friend's party to ring in the new yr with the fam and I wanted to make sure I summed up 2009 before heading out!

2009 had a lot of trials and tribulations but it also had a lot of great memories and new beginnings. I got to experience island life again since my childhood in Jamaica, all be it a different kind of island life especially with the food, it's still pretty similar especially with the beaches. My children got to experience a more relaxed and content environment, they became social butterflies which is something I've always wanted for them. We got 2 new additions in our family - my sweet, precious, cute and adorable baby boy Chace and our rambunctious but cute and cuddly shih tzu named Chip.

We had to say good bye to our home and friends in Cali but with that we learned that they were lifetime friends because even though we no longer get to see them on a daily basis, they will always be great friends because you just can't replace friends like them. We did however gain a whole new set of friends and only time will tell if they will indeed be lifetime friends but so far so good. :) We also said goodbye to sweater, boots and pants weather and said hello to flip flops, wrap skirts, spaghetti straps and beach dresses weather which is sweet (for the most part). I had to say goodbye to the possibility of going on auditions on a regular basis but got the opportunity to jump back into my writing, something years in the making but very well worth it. We said good bye to our lovely home church "In His Presence Church" in Woodland Hills, CA but gained another set of spiritual family in "Word of Life Christian Center" located in Honolulu, HI. So basically for us the saying "when one door closes, somewhere another one opens," definitely applies to our life in 2009. Is that the actual saying? It kinda looks weird or sounds off but you get my drift. lol!

2009 was a time for transitions and transformations within our family so 2010 will be a time to fine tune and buckle down on what we started in 09. What a long list of to do's we have but a very exciting and progressive list. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the Ellingtons. No matter what, it will be an interesting ride and I will definitely make sure I stay present in each and every moment!

It's time for 2010 Yippee!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funny Kiddy Story - "Reading Time"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. I had to show this picture because its just toooo cute and wayyyyy too hilarious not to let others see it and get a good laugh. No we did not put him up to this!! He did this all on his own. He was about 2 yrs old in this picture. Everyone who knows Ethan knows that he's an old man stuck in a little boys' body. This picture proves it because I would've never thought that a little 2 yr old would think of doing something like this. First of all, this is my bathroom, not his. He went into his room, got one of Mekhi's (not his) books, went into my bathroom and proceeded to do a # 2 (this is how I got time to grab the camera and take a pic) while seriously studying the pictures of the book. LOL!!!

Now that I think about it, no male in our family does this so I have no idea where he got the idea to do this. It was so strange. What was even funnier was the face he gave me after I took this pic. He looked at me as if to say "How dare you interrupt my reading and poo time!?!" Ha!!!

While we're talking about poo, I've noticed that the boys and their dad have this thing where they have to get completely naked while pooing. I know this may be a TMI comment but oh well I'm bringing it up anyway. ;) I dunno what it is but both boys picked up on it without their dad having to teach it to them. Its the weirdest thing to see. Whether they're rushing to play outside or we're on our way to school and they're already fully clothed, they will take ALL their clothes off just to poo. It's not like they're worried about their clothes smelling or anything because the clothes stays in the bathroom with them, its just that it can't be on them during the whole process. I don't get it and I'm not even gonna try to get it...

Funny Kiddy Story - "Chicken Please?"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan from last year. Just looking at this picture makes me laugh out loud. Yes, he is in fact sleeping and yes that is in fact a chicken sandwich in his mouth!!! LOL

My lil sister Latoya and I were driving around Oceanside CA with the boys and we stopped at KFC for some lunch. Ethan ordered a chicken sandwich and was actively playing around with his brother in the back seat. 5 minutes later while Mekhi is continuing to play around in the backseat, I turn around to check on Ethan because it sounded like he was snoring. To my surprise he is actually sleeping and snoring with the sandwich still in his mouth but what was even more shocking to me is the fact that his hand was still in an upright position holding the sandwich in place. I've said it before, this child is a little narcoleptic... :)

Peace at 11 am?

It's 11 am on a Tuesday morning and my house is peaceful!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

I just had to blog about it. This is VERY RARE!!! ALL 3 boys are knocked out. I wish Chip would follow their lead but he got up at the butt crack of dawn to use the bathroom so we're now spending some quality time with each other in the office. Well at least to me it's quality time. Chip probably sees it as torture because every couple of minutes he tries to sneak out of the office so he can jump on the kids' beds to wake them up and perhaps leave them little gifts of pee or poo or even both if he feels extra generous today. We keep "reminding" him that their room isn't a pit stop but he seems to forget sometimes and I don't feel like "reminding" him right now. So I have to keep looking down to make sure he's still here. Whenever I see him heading for the door I call him back and he slowly and sadly walks back then perks up every once in a while if he hears movement outside the door. I guess he's hoping one of the boys will wake up and come rescue him. Secretly I'm also hoping for this but I'd prefer to have this peaceful moment just a bit longer first. Is it so wrong to want both? Nope, I don't think so!!

It's amazing how these tiny little creatures come into your lives and interrupt your daily pattern in such a magnificent way. Don't get me wrong I love the interruption and I love em to pieces but when you think about it, they don't pay no bills up in here yet they demand sooooo much. Geesh! And if you dare to say no to something they act up as if whatever they wanted belongs to them. I keep telling them that everything under this roof belongs to me even them so they better not get it twisted. Hey I have the jiggly tummy and thighs to prove it!

I think I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my coffee and wait to see which little munchkin wakes up first...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Funny Kiddy Story - "Chair Walker"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. When he was about 5 months old we temporarily moved from San Diego, CA to New York to live with my dad while hubby was serving in Iraq. We ended up having to spend 10 months in NY and since it wasn't possible for me to bring every single kiddy item I had in Cali to New York, I took the essentials. One of the things that I had to leave behind was a walker. So when Ethan was about 8 1/2 months old he started itching to walk. One day I noticed that he liked pushing my dad's kitchen chair around so I made him use it as a walker. Yes I know, it's super ghetto but it worked and thanks to that chair and him being so persistent, he learned to walk at 10 months old. YAY!!

In the video you can also see my lil sister Latoya running away from the balloon that Ethan decided to play with. She's terribly afraid of balloons which I think is hilarious! lol

This video brings back soo many great memories... :)

Funny Kiddy Story - "Big Muscles"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. I figured that since I mentioned a somewhat sad or depressing story about him I'd throw in a funny story about him. We were living in San Diego, CA at the time and Mekhi was taking karate lessons as his sport of choice. Ethan wanted to take lessons as well but this particular school wouldn't start him until he was 4 yrs old and he was 3 at the time. So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we'd take Mekhi to his lessons immediately after school. There was a little waiting room inside the karate studio for parents to sit and wait and get to watch their child in action. Well when it came time for each child to test to go to the next level, the wait area which was usually scarce was full since they had all the tests on the same day. So Ethan and I are sitting there watching Mekhi who was doing an excellent job.

Boredom then sets in for Ethan and his eyes start to wonder around the room trying to find something else to do. He then spots a woman who I would say was overweight by about 150 pounds for her height. I've seen her before at the studio so I smile at her and say hi as she sits next to Ethan and I. She then strikes up a conversation with a friend of hers in the row in front of us. Ethan starts to stare adamently at the woman and I try to break his stare by showing him pictures on the wall of the studio since I always tell the boys that its impolite to stare. Then in a loud voice he says "Mommy, she has big muscles!" My eyes popped wide open because I didn't expect him to say anything out loud about it. Luckily no one including the woman didn't hear him since there was so much noise in the studio. Nevertheless, that was my cue to get up and wait in the car for the rest of the lesson. Luckily Mekhi was almost done and I'd taken tons of pictures of him. I wanted to laugh so hard at the whole situation so I had to bite my lip until I got in the car.

Even though I was so caught off guard and would've liked for him not to say anything at all, I was actually very proud of him for not saying that she was fat or big. Instead he said she was muscular. I was a very proud mama that day. :)

Toe Jams!

Since I mentioned Ethan's infected toe in the previous post I figured I'd go into detail with it, just a little though. I wouldn't even bring it up except for the fact that Ethan made it seem as though his toe infection was going to kill him. Also the interesting way I had to step in to save the day despite hubby's efforts.

About a week ago Ethan comes to me telling me that his big toe hurts so I take a look at it to make sure he didn't cut it or anything which he didn't. I ask him if something fell on it or if he stubbed his toe somewhere and he says no so I tell him that maybe his shoes squeezed him too tight and to brush it off. Days pass by and occasionally he complains about his toe but miraculously he can run up and down the stairs and rough play with his brother and also play outside with it. One day it was really bothering him so I look again and its swollen but I didn't see any cuts on it so I put alcohol on it and tell him to chill out. By the end of that day it was filled with puss so we got alarmed.

I remembered getting little infections as a kid and the process my mom did to get rid of it. So I proceed to follow the same process. I boiled some water for him to soak his foot in so the skin would be soft enough for me to pierce with a small needle or tweezer and squeeze all the puss out. I then realized that he had an ingrown toe nail and that's what caused the infection. Hubby then steps in and says he wants to get it out for him since he's a man and he felt Ethan would be more comfortable with him doing it so I step aside and tell him what to do then leave them be. Before he even put a hand on the toe, Ethan begins to scream bloody murder as if his toe nails were getting plucked out. It took hubby 30 minutes to calm him down and he still didn't get any puss out because he refused to let him squeeze it. So we put some more alcohol on it and sent him to bed.

The next morning I check in on him and realize that he had a fever which meant the infection was getting worse so I was determined to squeeze some of the puss out but we still decided to take him to the doctor to get some antibiotics. So I start the process and proceed to squeeze his toe. Again, Ethan screamed bloody murder. Hubby and I had to hold him down and I had to squeeze as fast as I could. Luckily I got a good amount out and he felt a little better.

I told this story to say that no matter what happens or how dirty the work is, moms will always get the job done. The night before hubby took 30 minutes trying to coach Ethan and merely touched the toe and wanted to do it because he's the daddy and he thought Ethan would get tough with him and let him do it so I gave him the opportunity to do it since I didn't want to control the situation. In the end I got the job done because despite all the screaming and squirming Ethan did, the 1 minute of pain made him feel hours of relief afterwards. So no matter how small or huge the task is at hand, moms will ALWAYS get the work done to make sure their babies are all better. (The pic above doesn't do much justice to how his toe really looked. This was taken 2 days after the first attempt at squeezing the puss out.)

Breakfast at Kerry's

Today started off rather uneventful until our absolutely lovely puppy Chip decided that he wanted to eat my breakfast. Ok, here's how it went down. I get up or rather Chace wakes me up to eat so I give him breakfast in bed then I headed downstairs to get my own breakfast with Chace in tow. I checked to make sure Chip has food and water in his bowl which he did. I then decided to make something quick and easy for myself so I can hurry and get my errands started. I pick a bagel and make some coffee to go with it. I started watching TV and got a call from Ethan's doctor about his infected toe (a whole other story). They ask me to look at his toe to make sure the swelling's going down.

So I grabbed up Chace, put my coffee down and left my bagel on the couch in a rush to head up to Ethan. Now Chip knows that he's not allowed in our couch but he still tries his best to get on the couch and when he realizes he's caught, he quickly jumps out and runs to hide.
Anyway, I put Chace in his crib, take a quick look at Ethan's toe which is healing nicely, I tell the doctor that he's fine and I head back downstairs to get my bagel. In the 2 minutes it took me to do all of that, Chip had jumped up in the couch, stolen my bagel out of my plate and went under the kitchen table to eat it. I was SOOOOOO pissed because I was really hungry and it was the LAST bagel. Of course he got in some serious trouble for that. I know he's a dog and it's what's expected of them but not in my house. He knew better not to try to get the bagel while I was sitting down next to it, he sure as hell knows that he's not supposed to go for it when I'm not in the room. After all, I didn't put it in his damn dog bowl!!

This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks that he's decided to get bold and eat our food. Both Mekhi and Ethan tend to eat in stages so they'll eat a fair share of their food and leave some in case they get hungry again. So usually I tell them to leave the food on the table for quick access. Well one morning I gave the boys sausages for breakfast and Chip LOVES sausages so I gave him a couple IN HIS BOWL!! Apparently that wasn't enough because Ethan got up from the table and went to get something from the kitchen only to come back to an empty plate. Chip jumped on the chair and proceeded to eat every single sausage out of Ethan's plate and jumped back down and went to hide to make sure he didn't get in trouble. This shows that he knows that he's not supposed to be doing that. We all laughed about it at first but its a huge problem because now he tries to jump on us while we're eating to get our food. Of course we tell him no but again, he's gone deaf when it comes to that word for some reason. It's just bad manners on his part and I would hate for guests to come over and have to deal with him trying to get their food.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but where I'm from dogs live outside and only gets to eat left overs and scraps from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only kind of dog food was something we called "tun cornmeal" which was a hard cornmeal paste like substance mixed with sardines. Yep, its gross and yes this sort of treatment is bad but if its something you're used to then it's hard to break out of but we did. Chip is living the life here but he's starting to take advantage of that life and its starting to get on my last nerve. It's as if I have 5 kids instead of 3 (if I included hubby and the dog, he he). To be quite honest I didn't think there was such a thing as small dogs and I certainly didn't know of any dog breeds. Most of the dogs I was around (which was a lot) were all mutts and were huge and used strictly for guarding our houses. I'm glad that I broke out of that particular treatment and I'm happy we have Chip as a pet, honestly I am but he is definitely flirting with a thin line. A line that will cause him to go for a LOOOONNNNGGGG walk!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Hubby and I watched the movie "Revolutionary Road" last night. This movie struck me on sooo many levels. Its such a raw, truly honest and bold portrayal of some marriages. The movie tells the story of a married couple (April and Frank) played by the amazing Kate Winslet and the effervescent Leonardo DiCaprio. It's set in 1955 when it was expected that men worked and provided for their families while the women stayed home and took care of the home and children or if they were to work they'd have a secretarial position of some sorts. The goal was to continue this life and the only growth was to expand the family by having more kids and a bigger home. In the beginning of their relationship Frank and April wanted to be different, they wanted to matter, they wanted to make sure that no matter what they'd always make sure they stayed happy and keep things fresh between them and not fit in with the norm.

Eventually they ended up falling into the "trap" of society. They had the house and 2 children and April who had aspirations of becoming an actress was now forced to stay home with her children and being a nurturer to her family. Frank was settled into a job he hated. April then came up with a perfect way for them to break free and start "living" again. She wanted to move to Paris and Frank was ok with it except that it meant throwing away his manhood to just "live." So at the last minute he decided to stay put at his job.

In the end Frank chose to make society happy and this broke his wife's heart. Not only that, they ended up getting pregnant. April felt like she was stuck, she couldn't leave but if she stayed she felt as if she was drowning. It was just too much for her to handle and she ended up aborting the baby herself which killed her. Of course this ended up killing Frank, not literally but figuratively. He had to now focus on his children and continuing to make them and society happy since he'd fail to make himself and his wife happy.

This is such a profound movie. I felt connected to Kate's character in so many ways. I've been where she was as far as wanting not to fit in with society and wanting to make sure that her marriage was "her" marriage and not society's. It's funny because people assume that everyone's life must follow a certain rule depending on which path you choose in life. At least in my opinion, that's what's expected. If you choose the career path then that means you must find your career and excel in it. If you choose marriage and a family then that means you excel in being a wife and mom and you can't have the career that will make you happy or make you feel alive. It's as if you have to give up one to get the other. Sadly enough many people follow and believe these rules. Oddly enough I've fallen into that "trap" as well. I've also fought hard like April did to make sure that I gave my career a fair chance. It didn't always turn out the way I wanted but at least I tried and will continue to fight society's expectations of me. Who says I can't have it all? Who said Frank couldn't just "live" and not worry about what society would think of him for not having a job? Who told Frank that he "had" to be the provider when his wife offered to work while he just "lived" ? Who gave Frank the right to take April's dream away? Who said that his career and hopes and dreams were more important than hers? Who gave him the right to drain her so much so that she felt empty inside? No one should have the right to do that to another human being. No one should allow that to happen to themselves. No one should be so cruel to their spouse. It's easier said than done and of course everyone's circumstances are different and it might make fighting society near impossible but you can still try to hold on to that dream and find a way to get to it. My ending is totally different from April's of course but I feel for her character that she didn't find happiness in the end. You just gotta fight for your dream. Find it, grab it and never give it up no matter what!! I mean after all, its your dream, no one else should have a say in whether its worth accomplishing or not.

Just a thought... :)


Ever since giving birth to Chace, the kids have been fascinated with video taping him so I was intrigued to find tapes of Mekhi and Ethan when they were babies. Unfortunately Delwin and I didn't video tape Mekhi that much but once Ethan was born we made up for it by doubling up on taping both of them, well mainly I did since their dad spent most of the early years of their lives away from them in combat.

Anyway, we watched all the videos this past week and were dying with laughter. I laughed so hard that I started crying at some of the tapes. It was especially sweet for hubby to see them because he'd never seen some of the tapes before and it made him smile to see the boys at that stage of their lives. It's funny because some of the stuff on there I didn't even remember doing or saying. It's strange how our memory bank only holds on to certain situations. I'm so grateful that I have these tapes and that the kids get to experience it as well. So that definitely got me started on taping all 3 boys from now on.

I'll be sure to share some of the videos on here in the very near future.

Ciao! :)

"Shock Collars"

These are pics of our little puppy Chip. He's almost a yr old and was SOOOO cute, calm and cuddly when we first got him. He's still as cute as can be but he's in an extremely rebellious stage right now. (The pic of him with blue hair was from Halloween. We knew he would'nt be ok with having an actual costume on so we spray painted him. Don't worry, it was a dog friendly spray that came off after just one wash :) )

Soooooo, for the past week he's been trying his very best to run away. I think our neighbors are beginning to get concerned because it seems like at least once a day every day this week, they had to return him to us. I'm so glad we live on a military base where everyone knows everyone and he won't get stolen.

Anyway, hubby and I have found every block possible in our yard and covered the holes that seem big enough for him to get under but he still continues to dig the dirt to get out of the smallest of holes. This is not to say that we leave him out there all day, we actually don't. We give him about 5 minutes to use the bathroom or play a little because he doesn't like getting stared at while using the bathroom. So in that short 5 minutes, he manages to find a hole and dig it instead of using the bathroom. I'm sure he's hurting himself in the process but he doesn't seem to care. I do realize now that he does this whenever the boys head outside to play. Since Chace is still so little I can't get to play with Chip that much anymore so maybe he's lashing out at not getting my attention so he figures he'll go look for the boys to get their attention. Oh and the other day we had guests over and while they were leaving he tried to dash out the front door and both Ethan and Mekhi went to grab him and he actually tried to bite them in the process. I had to grab him up to calm him down. Luckily he didn't try to bite after me but it still concerns me that he's so aggressive now. He knows what the words "stop" and "no" means but it's like he's gone deaf whenever anyone other than me tells him to stop or tells him no. At times, he ignores me until I come close to him.

It's a lot to have to deal with right now so we're gonna have to take some drastic measures here pretty soon. We have decided to get him a shock collar to get him trained and hopefully it won't be too long before he'll actually listen to us or not run away again. I'm definitely putting in some serious reasearch time to make sure I get the right one. I was hoping it would'nt be necessary but since he's taken such an aggressive turn in his behavior we have to make sure we stay on top of keeping him trained. Hopefully it'll take him a few times of this type of training to get him back on track. I surely miss the days when we could cuddle with him and he'd follow us around and be sooo sweet. Poor little Chippy...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Merry Christmas Indeed..."

No the pics above are not doctored!! Would you believe that everyone who was on board this plane got to walk away? Earlier this week an American Airlines plane on route from Miami crashed in Kingston, Jamaica (my homeland). There was a thunder storm that left the runway slippery and caused the plane to not only run off the runway but it crashed through the fence, crossed over a VERY busy road and stopped just before the Caribbean Sea and in an area that had a good amount of sharks. All I can say is God is good all the time!! It would've been such a tragedy if anyone died and during Christmas time at that.

I'm sooo happy that each and everyone of those passengers were able to get up and walk out of the plane.
When I look at the pictures I still can't believe that 1. the plane stopped where it did (especially since I know exactly where that area is) , 2. no one on the plane died or was seriously injured and 3. there was no one on the busy road it crossed over. All praises be to God! I'm happy that these people got to go home and enjoy a Merry Christmas with their families. I truly hope that each of them say an extra prayer thanking God for sparing their lives and allowing them to see another year on this wonderful earth. I hope and pray that they will take this as an opportunity to better themselves and fulfill God's purpose in their lives. Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New Yr Indeed!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A white Christmas, in Hawaii?

A few days ago we had the privilege to get snow here in Hawaii. Yep that's right, there was actual snow here in Hawaii!! No, it wasn't falling from the sky. Hubby's unit had it imported here on base for us to enjoy for their annual Christmas party. They had Amtracks for the kids to ride, a ton of food, games and lots of different activities. One of the activities was getting to jump around in snow.

I must say it seems like the Marines enjoyed having it here just as much as the kids did. :) Of course none of us were properly equipped with snow gear so after about 10 minutes the kids all started complaining that their feet and hands were hurting from jumping around and throwing snow balls. Nevertheless, they couldn't playing and really enjoyed themselves.

For once I couldn't complain about not getting the opportunity to have a snowy Christmas because I had the best of both worlds. Getting a white Christmas and enjoying lovely island weather with lovely island scenery. If you take a look at the picture you'll see what I mean. The snow's on the ground, the kids are in island gear, the bright sunshine and the gorgeous Hawaiian mountains are in the background, truly breathtaking.

Below are a couple of videos of the days festivities.

Enjoy!! :)

Funny Kiddy Story - "Poker Face"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. This happened just a couple of months ago. One night we headed down to Waikiki in Honolulu for some family fun. We had a lovely dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and walked the Waikiki strip. On the way home both kids were playing around in the back seat. After a while it fell quiet which is normal because that meant they fell asleep. Usually I leave them be but I turned around to make sure they were both sleeping and noticed that Ethan's head was down but he had something in his mouth. I turned the light on to see a bunch of cards in his mouth and he was in deep, deep sleep. I mean snoring loudly deep sleep. We've always thought that Ethan is a tad bit narcoleptic because he can fall asleep standing up, sitting up, while playing and definitely while watching TV. He once fell asleep while eating a chicken sandwich from KFC. I'm totally going to look for that picture because it was hilarious as is this one.

Anyway, back to these pics. I have no idea how he can actually stick not one or two but a few cards in his mouth and then actually fall asleep with them still in his mouth, lol. Only Ethan I tell ya...

Funny Kiddy Story - "Vaseline"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. When he was about 14 months old we were living in San Diego, CA and one day he decided that he wanted to just add some shine to his hair. At the time his hair was pretty long so I was able to put it up in a pony tail or braid it in two. This day I decided to braid it in two. I had just finished bathing him and combing his hair nicely and was cleaning up around the house. I then decided to snap a few pics of the boys, something they loved doing. Both boys then began playing around in their room but Ethan wondered off into the bathroom and got a HUGE glob of vaseline and put it all over his hair.

Naturally I suspected that he got this behavior from me since he was used to seeing me put product in my hair (vaseline was never one of them) but I guess he figured he'd go for whatever was similar to my hair stuff from his bathroom, plus he knew better than to go through my hair products.

Since he had soooo much hair and it was sooooo thick, it took quite a few washes to get the vaseline out. No fun for me but hey, that's one of the joys of motherhood right? lol...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I gave birth to our lovable son almost 2 months ago and now that I'm in the clear to work out, I decided that I'd start with a really challenging work out that would allow me to drop the weight as quickly as possible. Now anyone who knows me knows I HATE working out with a passion. After 20 minutes I want to quit and I'm always bored. If I'm not challenged then I'm definitely not going to continue the work out. For my other 2 pregnancies I didn't put in the effort to exercise after giving birth because at my 6 weeks check up not only did I drop the pregnancy weight, I was 10 pounds lighter than before getting pregnant due to breastfeeding. I was also able to keep that weight off, until now. I got pregnant with Chace and gained 40 pounds, now 6 weeks later I've only dropped 15 of the 40 pounds and I'm NOT happy with that. I go into my closet and I get upset that I can't fit into any of my size 4 jeans and I don't look nice in my cute tops. I'm forced to wear the clothes I bought during my pregnancy which lucky for me were regular clothes because I refused to buy all maternity clothes. So yesterday I decided to take the 60 days "Insanity" challenge and boy what a challenge it is. It's constant cardio and quick paced extreme action. It forces you to reach DEEP down inside your soul and push yourself to finish. The absolute best thing about this program for me is that I can't see myself getting bored because every minute has a different work out and its so fast paced that I'm forcing myself to keep up. Now of course it's only the second day of me working out but I loved the fact that I was drenched in sweat when I was done and I really felt like I got something accomplished when I was done. I can't wait to see what my body will look like at day 60 and I'll definitely keep blogging about the experience. I just hope I can keep up with the intensity.

The pic above shows the weight I'd like to get back to. I keep telling myself "size 4 jeans, size 4 jeans, size 4 jeans." That's my motivation to keep going with this work out. I've also decided to eat way healthier than normal which I'm already doing since I'm breastfeeding so hopefully by the end of the 60 days not only will I get my old weight back, I'll be healthier and more toned :)

Funny Kiddy Story - "Toast Anyone?"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. When he was in his terrible 2 stages he decided that he wanted to test out our toaster one day. He was always a curious child as any child would be at that age I guess. I had made breakfast and toast was one of the items on the menu. After cleaning up, I decided to go take a shower to head out on the road to run some errands. Both kids were dressed and ready to go. I placed both kids in front of the TV with a program I knew they both enjoyed so I can take a shower without worrying about them. For some reason, call it mothers intuition, I didn't feel ok leaving them by themselves even though it was for a short time. Anyway, I finished up my bath and as soon as I get out of the shower I smelled something funny. It smelled like burnt toast. I hurried downstairs and ran into the kitchen and low and behold I see Ethan on his way down off the kitchen counter. On the counter I see my toaster with the entire bottom going up in flames. I panicked for a second trying to remember if I needed to add water to the fire or corn starch. I went with water and it worked. I was soooo lucky I didn't take a longer shower because it could've been worse. Of course little Ethan got "disciplined." I still have no idea how he even got up on the counter at his age and height but he was determined to get up there. Guess this is where his nick name "The Hulk" came into play. We gave him that name because he was an unbelievably strong baby, I'll write more on that some other time.

Anyway, apparently some left over crumbs were on the bottom of the toaster and he turned the knob on and actually sat and watched while the toaster went up in flames. I don't even know how he figured out which knob to turn especially since he shouldn't have been able to see the knob from his height level. I guess he paid attention to what happens in the kitchen more than I expected.

Moral of the story, never leave bread crumbs in the bottom of your toaster because you never know when it'll be too hot for the kitchen... ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Year of Revelations and Transitions...

This year has been a very eventful one to say the least. For me its been quite the transition after moving from my beloved California to Hawaii in January. To say that our transition was challenging would be an understatement. Nevertheless, we pushed through and got settled in. Of course for us little people, it seems like nothing but it seems like the entertainment world got rocked to its core as well this year. We've lost sooo many great people this year, especially during the summer. We had to go through the loss of Michael Jackson, the greatest performer of all time who I absolutely loved and adored. We had to say goodbye to Ted Kennedy, Bea Arthur (Golden Girls), Ed McMahon (Star Search), Farrah Fawcett (Charlie's Angels), DJ AM (Palms DJ), Chris Henry (NFL - Bengals) to name a few and now more recently Alaina Reed Hall (227, Sesame Street) and Brittany Murphy (Clueless, Happy Feet). This year has left me drained and spiritually challenged indeed. I know people always say to try to focus on the positives in life but having to deal with or hear about so much death, you can't help but to be down. However, looking on the bright side, it did give me a chance to change my perspective on some things. It not only allowed me to truly appreciate my friends and family (as I've stated in a previous post) but it also pushed me to get up and get going with my dreams and goals. I spent the entire beginning of this yr trying to find my niche in the entertainment indsutry here in Hawaii. It was a huge struggle because there wasn't much work here at all as an actress. The recession had definitely taken its toll. I was especially upset with having to deal with a military move because I had a great paying job and was in the area to succeed in the industry so I was bitter about having to move away from my dreams. It wasn't until about a month ago that I honestly had to take a step back and reevaluate why I had spent most of this yr miserable and complaining about my situation when in fact people often tell me they're envious of where I am right now. Of course that makes me feel bad and ungrateful but at the same time I do have the right to get frustrated and I've had great reasons to be frustrated. I realize now that I am exactly where God needs and wants me to be in my life. Obviously its not my time in the industry as a performer. I did however get to start up my writing again and thus this blog was created (yay!!) Also, if I weren't in Hawaii my little baby Chace wouldn't be here and I definitely can't imagine life without him. :) It's a time for family and for me to put in as much effort as possible to keep my family together and as strong and faithful as possible. It took me the whole yr to get that point from God but I GOT IT! I can't wait to put the year behind me and hope and pray for the best in 2010 but I do accept and appreciate all that's happened this year because at this moment I am happy. I'm alive, I am blessed with a lot and God has a plan for me and for that I'm eternally grateful. I wanted to add a couple of images and links from the entertainers we lost this year because they've touched my life in different ways and as a fellow thespian, I'm grateful for the hard work, dedication and true talent they portrayed. It's funny how movies and TV shows can place us at a specific time, place and feeling in our lives. I can remember exactly where I was living and what my circumstances were after viewing these pics/videos. It's just another reason why I absolutely LOVE being an actress.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny Kiddy Story - "Dora, Dora, Dora!"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. When he was about 2 1/2 or 3 yrs old he SWORE Dora was his girlfriend. I let him watch her program because she was wholesome. He watched her in awe on a daily basis and whenever we went anywhere, he wanted to get a Dora sticker or cup or anything that had her face on it. Hubby and I (mainly me, lol) helped him fulfill his crush with little Dora objects that were'nt too girly.

Anyway, one night while I was cleaning up dishes and such downstairs, I came into my room to see that Ethan had not only gotten out of his bed, he was in my bed fast asleep with a bag of goldfish treats and his life size Dora doll under him. It was hilarious then and looking at this pic brings back soooo many great and hilarious memories...

Doggy Run...

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for the family. We had to finish up Christmas shopping and the holiday parties have started so we've been busy partying it up and getting into the Holiday spirit. :) What made it worse was having our dog Chip run away 3 separate times. He thinks running outside without permission is a game of chase and of course we don't think so. We have a nice size back yard so every morning we let him out to run around and use the bathroom back there. Lately he's been digging holes near the fence and I guess yesterday he tested out his skills and went under the fence. We didn't notice he was gone until our neighbor rang the door bell and had him in his arms. lol Ok, its not funny because he could've gotten hurt. The 2nd time I opened the front door and before I got the chance to turn around and tell him to stay, he dashed past me and into the front yard. He had the nerve to stop by the drive way to wait for me to come chase him which I did. Of course he took off down the street and after a few minutes, I gave up and walked back home tagging hubby along the way for him to get him. Hubby decided to run after him dressed in his Camis with no shoes (great look living on base with fellow marines watching him, lol). We thought maybe he's just overly excited so Mekhi and Ethan took him for a walk. He later ate dinner and it was time for him to go run around outside again before going to bed. We thought we covered the hole he went under the 1st time well enough for him not to go under again but low and behold, there's another hole in the corner of our yard that we didn't notice and yep, you guessed it, he went under the hole and took off. This time he waited by the front door and as I opened it he took one look at my face and didn't even try running. I said "in" and he walked slowly into the house without even bothering to run away.

It was a pretty eventful day for him but I bet he won't try it again. Then again its Chip, he likes to push the boundaries so I'm sure he'll be up for another challenge any day now...

Hilton Commercial 2008: "Life, Love & Laughter"

Hilton Commerical: "Life, Love & Laughter" Video by Donavon Frankenreiter - MySpace Video

I woke up this morning thinking about this commercial that my family did last year. We were living in San Diego and I saw a posting on craigslist for different families. I submitted my family's pictures just on a hunch not really thinking that we'd get it. We ended up getting called to audition downtown San Diego then getting to the callbacks then getting casted for it. At the time Ethan had a huge afro and they ended up cutting it down a bit which prompted us to give him his first hair cut because we couldnt put it up in his usual ponytail anymore.

Anyway, I was already involved in entertainment industry so I was familiar with being on a set and Ethan had already been involved in a print campaign but he was only 4 months old so he wouldn't remember. This however, was my first national commercial so I was super excited. The day came to shoot our spot and it was absolutely perfect. The weather was gorgeous. We got on set around 9 am, got into hair and make up and wardrobe and was finished wrapping by noon. I think this was my favorite shoot to date because it involved my entire family and we worked well with each other without too much drama. The kids loved it because there was sooo much food on set and they couldn't believe that they could eat anything and everything they wanted to. Funny thing is I got cut out of the final product, lol. How ironic is that? The commercial ended up running daily throughout the Beijing Olympics which prompted tons of phone calls, texts and emails from family and friends. There was also a bit of a celebrity sighting for the boys and hubby in a LA mall that winter. It was pretty exciting for us. :)

Hope u enjoy viewing the commercial just as much as we had fun shooting it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I woke up this morning ready to sign into my email and I see a headline that Chris Henry from the Bengals died of his head injuries he received while arguing with his fiancee yesterday. Of course I didn't know Chris but I read about his story yesterday and I had hoped that he would be ok especially since its the Holidays, a time for family and peace on earth and all that jazz. When I saw the headline my heart skipped a beat because he was only 26 yrs old. It's such a huge tragedy and one that could've been prevented for sure even though no one knows the exact details as of yet. It just seems a little unfair that he died after just an argument. The headline also made me think of my loved ones and how appreciative I am to have them in my life even though we're miles away from each other.

I have been TREMENDOUSLY blessed with the family and friends I have. True we don't get to choose our family but we do get to choose the type of relationships we establish and nourish with them. There are some relationships with family that can be poisonous and for those we can choose to pray for good health and happiness and move forward in life. Lucky for me I don't have those type of relationships to worry about.

I have an EXTREMELY strong bank of friends that I consider family. They motivate me to be better and are constantly challenging me to move ahead in life with my goals. It's so refreshing to have people be genuinely happy for me when I'm doing well and who are always there to check up on me when I have a bad day. They refuse to let me settle and deal with negativity. Of course I have to make sure I do the same for them and I wouldn't have it any other way. So I thank God for who he's placed in my life. I feel extra special for having them around. :)