Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doggy Run...

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for the family. We had to finish up Christmas shopping and the holiday parties have started so we've been busy partying it up and getting into the Holiday spirit. :) What made it worse was having our dog Chip run away 3 separate times. He thinks running outside without permission is a game of chase and of course we don't think so. We have a nice size back yard so every morning we let him out to run around and use the bathroom back there. Lately he's been digging holes near the fence and I guess yesterday he tested out his skills and went under the fence. We didn't notice he was gone until our neighbor rang the door bell and had him in his arms. lol Ok, its not funny because he could've gotten hurt. The 2nd time I opened the front door and before I got the chance to turn around and tell him to stay, he dashed past me and into the front yard. He had the nerve to stop by the drive way to wait for me to come chase him which I did. Of course he took off down the street and after a few minutes, I gave up and walked back home tagging hubby along the way for him to get him. Hubby decided to run after him dressed in his Camis with no shoes (great look living on base with fellow marines watching him, lol). We thought maybe he's just overly excited so Mekhi and Ethan took him for a walk. He later ate dinner and it was time for him to go run around outside again before going to bed. We thought we covered the hole he went under the 1st time well enough for him not to go under again but low and behold, there's another hole in the corner of our yard that we didn't notice and yep, you guessed it, he went under the hole and took off. This time he waited by the front door and as I opened it he took one look at my face and didn't even try running. I said "in" and he walked slowly into the house without even bothering to run away.

It was a pretty eventful day for him but I bet he won't try it again. Then again its Chip, he likes to push the boundaries so I'm sure he'll be up for another challenge any day now...

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