Funny Kiddy Story - "Continue... Huh?"

This story comes courtesy of my 5 yr old Ethan. I'm trying to get Ethan to read more so we have a nightly routine where he reads me a book before bed. Since we're using books that are above his age range I tell him that I'll say the words he doesn't know as we point at them and he can jump in when he recognizes a word. So we're reading a sesame street alphabet book and we're really getting into the story and Ethan's doing a great job at it. All of a sudden my 8 yr old Mekhi comes into the room which distracts Ethan because for some reason if they're both in a room together they assume that means its time to play. So Mekhi's saying silly things to distract Ethan while he's reading so I take a second to quiet Mekhi then I get back to Ethan who paused for me to deal with his brother. I say to him "continue" for him to move along in the story and he says continue out loud as if it was the next word for him to read in the book. All 3 of us burst out laughing but it was clear that as soon as Mekhi got in the room, Ethan had lost all focus on the book.

I know its a silly little story but its these cute little moments I love and cherish and of course must make sure I hold on to. :)


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