Funny Kiddy Story - "Vaseline"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. When he was about 14 months old we were living in San Diego, CA and one day he decided that he wanted to just add some shine to his hair. At the time his hair was pretty long so I was able to put it up in a pony tail or braid it in two. This day I decided to braid it in two. I had just finished bathing him and combing his hair nicely and was cleaning up around the house. I then decided to snap a few pics of the boys, something they loved doing. Both boys then began playing around in their room but Ethan wondered off into the bathroom and got a HUGE glob of vaseline and put it all over his hair.

Naturally I suspected that he got this behavior from me since he was used to seeing me put product in my hair (vaseline was never one of them) but I guess he figured he'd go for whatever was similar to my hair stuff from his bathroom, plus he knew better than to go through my hair products.

Since he had soooo much hair and it was sooooo thick, it took quite a few washes to get the vaseline out. No fun for me but hey, that's one of the joys of motherhood right? lol...


  1. I have the actual vaseline photo to going to search for it! lol



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