Funny Kiddy Story - "Poker Face"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. This happened just a couple of months ago. One night we headed down to Waikiki in Honolulu for some family fun. We had a lovely dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and walked the Waikiki strip. On the way home both kids were playing around in the back seat. After a while it fell quiet which is normal because that meant they fell asleep. Usually I leave them be but I turned around to make sure they were both sleeping and noticed that Ethan's head was down but he had something in his mouth. I turned the light on to see a bunch of cards in his mouth and he was in deep, deep sleep. I mean snoring loudly deep sleep. We've always thought that Ethan is a tad bit narcoleptic because he can fall asleep standing up, sitting up, while playing and definitely while watching TV. He once fell asleep while eating a chicken sandwich from KFC. I'm totally going to look for that picture because it was hilarious as is this one.

Anyway, back to these pics. I have no idea how he can actually stick not one or two but a few cards in his mouth and then actually fall asleep with them still in his mouth, lol. Only Ethan I tell ya...


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