Peace at 11 am?

It's 11 am on a Tuesday morning and my house is peaceful!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

I just had to blog about it. This is VERY RARE!!! ALL 3 boys are knocked out. I wish Chip would follow their lead but he got up at the butt crack of dawn to use the bathroom so we're now spending some quality time with each other in the office. Well at least to me it's quality time. Chip probably sees it as torture because every couple of minutes he tries to sneak out of the office so he can jump on the kids' beds to wake them up and perhaps leave them little gifts of pee or poo or even both if he feels extra generous today. We keep "reminding" him that their room isn't a pit stop but he seems to forget sometimes and I don't feel like "reminding" him right now. So I have to keep looking down to make sure he's still here. Whenever I see him heading for the door I call him back and he slowly and sadly walks back then perks up every once in a while if he hears movement outside the door. I guess he's hoping one of the boys will wake up and come rescue him. Secretly I'm also hoping for this but I'd prefer to have this peaceful moment just a bit longer first. Is it so wrong to want both? Nope, I don't think so!!

It's amazing how these tiny little creatures come into your lives and interrupt your daily pattern in such a magnificent way. Don't get me wrong I love the interruption and I love em to pieces but when you think about it, they don't pay no bills up in here yet they demand sooooo much. Geesh! And if you dare to say no to something they act up as if whatever they wanted belongs to them. I keep telling them that everything under this roof belongs to me even them so they better not get it twisted. Hey I have the jiggly tummy and thighs to prove it!

I think I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my coffee and wait to see which little munchkin wakes up first...


  1. I'm a three boy mama too and I don't know how you do it. We had a four legged friend until #3 showed up at which point Senor Dog lost his mind and promptly entered the Puppy Relocation Program (aka we gave him to a friend). The dudes keep buggin' me about getting onother one but I can't do it. Not yet anyway.

  2. Lol. Honestly I have no idea how I do it either. My 3rd little one is a newborn so I'm still trying to adjust to having a newborn around but if Chip continues to act up the way he's been acting up he will meet the same fate as your furry little one. I adore him but I love and prefer my sanity better.

    Thanx for commenting. :)


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