Funny Kiddy Story - "Big Muscles"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan. I figured that since I mentioned a somewhat sad or depressing story about him I'd throw in a funny story about him. We were living in San Diego, CA at the time and Mekhi was taking karate lessons as his sport of choice. Ethan wanted to take lessons as well but this particular school wouldn't start him until he was 4 yrs old and he was 3 at the time. So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we'd take Mekhi to his lessons immediately after school. There was a little waiting room inside the karate studio for parents to sit and wait and get to watch their child in action. Well when it came time for each child to test to go to the next level, the wait area which was usually scarce was full since they had all the tests on the same day. So Ethan and I are sitting there watching Mekhi who was doing an excellent job.

Boredom then sets in for Ethan and his eyes start to wonder around the room trying to find something else to do. He then spots a woman who I would say was overweight by about 150 pounds for her height. I've seen her before at the studio so I smile at her and say hi as she sits next to Ethan and I. She then strikes up a conversation with a friend of hers in the row in front of us. Ethan starts to stare adamently at the woman and I try to break his stare by showing him pictures on the wall of the studio since I always tell the boys that its impolite to stare. Then in a loud voice he says "Mommy, she has big muscles!" My eyes popped wide open because I didn't expect him to say anything out loud about it. Luckily no one including the woman didn't hear him since there was so much noise in the studio. Nevertheless, that was my cue to get up and wait in the car for the rest of the lesson. Luckily Mekhi was almost done and I'd taken tons of pictures of him. I wanted to laugh so hard at the whole situation so I had to bite my lip until I got in the car.

Even though I was so caught off guard and would've liked for him not to say anything at all, I was actually very proud of him for not saying that she was fat or big. Instead he said she was muscular. I was a very proud mama that day. :)


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