Funny Kiddy Story - "Go Watch Yuh Eyelids!"

I couldn't resist the urge to share yet another funny kiddy story. This one comes courtesy of Mekhi. One night I was having a really hard time getting Mekhi to bed. I have no idea what he had to eat or drink but for some reason when I sent him to bed he tried to find every excuse not to go to sleep and kept ccomplaining that he wasn't tired and couldn't sleep. Luckily his little brother was already asleep but I was getting frustrated because I had a long day at work that day and I wanted to get to bed to get up refreshed for work the next day and I wanted no trouble from him to get up for school the next day.

About an hr passed since he first started complaining of not being tired. He then started begging to get to watch the tv despite the fact that it was past his tv and bed time. I had reached my boiling point after he kept saying "mommy can I watch Nickelodeon?" So I shouted out "go watch yuh eyelids!!" Now I must clarify that I'm a very sarcastic person and I have no problems being sarcastic to my kids, in fact, they get sarcasm on a daily basis. I honestly believed that Mekhi would've picked up on my sarcasm that night but instead of getting my drift, he replied "what channel is that on?!" LMAO!!! At that point what else could I do but laugh. After I regained my composure I went into his room and tried to explain what I meant and told him to get to bed. He stopped asking to watch the tv but continued saying he wasn't tired for at least another hr.

Oh the joys of trying to discipline a child...


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