Funny Kiddy Story - "Back Eyebrow Please?"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of my 8 yr old Mekhi. When he was about 6 yrs old we were living in San Diego County, CA. Some good friends of ours were staying with us for a while. One of them ended up disposing of their razor in the kids' bathroom garbage by mistake. I came home from work one day and as soon as a get into the house my friend Staisy warned me that I need to take a look at Mekhi. So of course I got alarmed and asked what was wrong. She told me that he's fine but to make sure I look at him. So I call for him and he tries to avoid me by asking if he can go outside because he'd finish his homework already. So I tell him sure but I wanted to see him first. So he slowly comes downstairs. To my surprise 3/4 of Mekhi's right eyebrow was completely gone!!!! I mean it was a clean shave, no left over hair in the area except for the teeny tiny amount close to the middle of his brow line. I was so shocked that I couldn't help but to laugh about it at first glance but I couldn't believe that he had actually thought it was a good idea to go in the garbage, take out the razor, put it on his face and actually shave himself, all while not realizing that 1, the razor was obviously dirty, 2 it was sharp enough to cut his face and 3, he was holding a sharp object close to his eyes and in his hands. Of course I had to dig into him for doing such a thing especially when he was taught about not playing with sharp objects and got a lesson in what we considered sharp objects and a razor was most definitely one of the items. Thank God he didn't cut himself in the face or on his hands. It could've turned out way worse than just his eyebrow being missing.

First of all I never use an actual razor to do my eyebrows, I pluck em so I have no idea why he would put the two together. What made it worse was the fact that he naturally has very thick eyebrows so the shave was definitely noticeable and it wasn't one that looked like it was supposed to be a style. Needless to say he had to walk around with 3/4 of his eyebrow gone and of course we got a few stares here and there. I was happy he didn't have picture day or anything. We surely got a lot of laughs out of him for a few weeks. Naturally I took a picture of it, unfortunately I have no idea where that picture is but I'm determined to find it. So until I find it, I'll just post a close up pic of how thick his eyebrows...


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