Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty training for munchkin # 3

I'm a happy mommy because munchkin # 3 is finally potty trained. Woo hoo!! I love the fact that as moms we get to brag and celebrate what may seem silly but this is a HUGE deal!

I was a little worried this time around because with my other boys, they were potty trained at 16 months and 18 months. The fact that it took 21 months for munchkin # 3 was a little nerve racking. I honestly couldn't see going 2 to 3 years cleaning up poop and pee, lol.

How did I get him trained? I started training him with the # 2 first, I basically watched him like a hawk during the times I knew he'd poop. Before he got the chance to push (sometimes in mid push), I'd pick him up or walk him to the potty, nice and calm and let him do his thing or finish on the toilet. At first, he was scared and would hold it but I sat with him and sang or played around with him and made him feel comfy enough to do his thing. After he did the deed, I'd make a BIG deal out of it. I'd cheer him on, kiss, hug, high five and tickle him and he thought it was the best thing ever. So eventually he loved going on the toilet. :)

For the number 1, that was tricky this time around. My usual trick is to take them to the store and let them pick out cute undies and told them that they couldn't pee in them because the undies were too cool to get wet. Of course they'd have mishaps which was fine but instead of cleaning them up right away, I'd let them walk around in the wet undies and be uncomfortable. After about an hour or so, I'd change them but I'd tell them not to wet them again. This time around my lil guy was actually ok with chilling out in the wet undies! He'd even splash and play in his puddles and thought it was hilarious. Lol. I'd laugh about it since it was odd to me that he'd do that but the OCD in me was NOT happy. I had to focus on the fact that I needed to stop cleaning up pee and poop and that kept me sane. ;)

Eventually, all 3 boys figured out the routine and got with the program. I refused to put pull ups or diapers on them unless they were going to bed or if we were going on the road. Once we were home, it was strictly undies!

It took LOTS and LOTS of patience and realizing that I will be cleaning up pee puddles but as long as he was moving in the right direction which was FAR AWAY from diapers, I was ok with cleaning up the messes. I'd say munchkin # 3 deserves a shopping trip to the mall to get some cute new undies!! :)

That's the fun and excitement for my weekend! Woo hoo!! lol


Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspirational Mondays - "Perserverance


Aloha Ohana!

I wanted to touch on perseverance for this week's inspirational post since it seems to be the word of the year for my family and I.

We've been through a lot of ups and downs and even though the downs have hit us pretty hard, we've experienced some great highs that I really need to start praising and thanking God for.

For the past few weeks I've had to juggle the "back to school" season without hubby and it was pretty hard. We usually do the school shopping together so it was a little rough going at it alone. It wasn't just exhausting because I had to juggle all 3 boys on my own, it just felt odd making every clothing and supply list decision on my own. Nevertheless, I persevered and made it through...

First day of school was rough not having hubby there but we were pleasantly surprised that he got the chance to skype the boys before school so that made our day.

I've recently been trying to potty train munchkin # 3 and it's finally paid off. He's been potty trained with number 2 for some time now but number 1 has been tricky. lol Well, I'm happy to say that he's now fully trained.

The list of things I've been getting checked off my to do list or getting through despite hubby's absence goes on and on. My point in mentioning all these things is to say that despite all the obstacles and hardships I've endured on my own or we've endured as a family recently, we've persevered and it's only be the grace of God that we've been able to do so.

I keep looking at everything as a challenge and the prize is to grow and be stronger. God knows that I'm strong enough to handle these situations. What the devil may mean for harm, I'm choosing to use for growth.

Today's Inspirational message is:

"But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Matt 24:13 (KJV)"

I give all the glory to God that I'm able to smile, laugh and be happy for even the simplest of things.

Happy Monday everyone!

Have a blessed and prosperous week!

Ciao! ;)