Shock Collar - Heaven Sent!

So we actually did it! We broke down and bought a shock collar for Chip and it is truly HEAVEN SENT!!!!

Chip's shock level is currently at 2 and it works wonders. I love the fact that there's a tone button to warn him before shocking him because he's actually gotten the point. I immediately trained him in the back yard since that was our biggest problem with him continuing to run away. So I watched him as he tried to run under the fence again and I sounded the tone button and he didn't get it so I shocked him and told him no and he ran super fast into the house. Lol, ok it's not funny but they way he reacted and looked was funny. Don't worry, he's fine.

I must admit that at first, he was a bit scared and had a strange look on his face as he tried to figure out where the shock was coming from but as the night went on, he relaxed.

I went on to train him to stay away from our surround sound speakers that were on the floor. He used to run behind them to hide and would sometimes pull the wires out. Well, not anymore!

I also got him to stay away from a very fragile end table that held some precious art work of ours. I then got him to stay away from our dining table while we were eating which I think is a bad habit for a dog to have especially when having guests over. It's just not a good look to have your dog begging for food.

Oh, Oh, Oh. I actually got him to sit while we opened the front door and the garage door. He tried to run away from both doors at first but after a few seconds of getting shocked, he got the picture so now he just sits and stares at the door. Awesomeness!!! lol

He still has a few commands to get used to but he's doing extremely well compared to how he was before.

I'm so proud of my little Chipster. He's now back to his cuddly, sweet self. :)


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