Projectile Vomit!!!

This is a subject I'm kinda new to because my 2 older boys puked up but they rarely had this projectile type of vomit that comes from Chace.

It's the strangest thing ever to experience. I was just making funny faces at him and he's laughing up a storm and all of a sudden vomit dashes out of his mouth all over him and with such force that it actually hits me as well despite the fact that I wasn't super close to his mouth. A few minutes later, out comes another set and then a few minutes later, yet another.

Luckily for him, it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him because he continues to laugh at my face which at this point has turned from silly to horrific since I'm sure he's emptied his tummy completely. I'm wondering if he's sick but there's no visual signs of anything wrong and he's still as sweet, calm and happy as ever.

My poor little boy. Maybe making funny faces at him needs to be put off for a while. I wonder what I ate for him to be emptying his tummy this way. Hmm...


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