Funny Kiddy Story - "Oven Rack"

This funny kiddy story/videos comes courtesy of Ethan. It's not super funny as it is cute. I think it's both of course, but I'm his mommy.

He was about 1 year old in the videos and we'd nick named him "The Hulk" because he was unbelievably strong for a baby. He pulled and tugged at things with such force that every toy or every thing we gave him was guaranteed to get destroyed. He's still like that now in some ways but he's gotten A LOT better. Thank God!

Ok, I must put out a warning that its not normal behavior for a child to be doing what he was doing. Nor was it normal behavior for a mom to allow her baby to be doing this but I thought it was super cute and my sister, cousin and I supervised him the whole time. Hey don't judge me!!

Anywhoo, in the video you can see his determination for getting my cousin's oven rack out of the corner. He gets frustrated, takes a little break then gets right back at it. It's sooo adorable and it shows that he's not a quitter. Yay!! Go Ethan. :)

Now that I think about I don't know why the oven rack was in the corner instead of the oven. Hmmm....

(Note to self - ask Tanya why the oven rack wasn't in the oven)

Moving on....


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