My Birthday trip to a restaurant by myself with 3 kids

I promised an update on my trip to a restaurant by myself with all three boys so here's my report.

I give the trip an A+!! Whew!! & Yay!!!

First of all, I had a lovely birthday. Hubby called me at midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday and the boys woke up and said happy birthday and presented me with a card without me having to remind them. My munchkin # 2 Ethan actually had a little count down going to make sure he didn't mess up on the dates. So cute. :)

Anywhoo, I took the boys to school and spent the rest of the day answering phone calls, texts and well wishes on Facebook while desperately trying to stay away from doing hard core labor in the house. Ok, I cleaned up a little bit but not as much as I'm used to. Gosh this relaxing stuff just doesn't come naturally for me at all. I feel so guilty if I'm not constantly doing something in the house.

I then contemplated whether I should do the "Insanity" work out or not. I decided I should do it since I had every intention to pig out at dinner with the boys. So I went for it and boy was I in for a treat (not!!). I swear my toes are about to fall off. This DVD had me balancing a lot. Unfortunately that meant using the tip of my toes A LOT! AND doing tons of push ups so I probably won't be able to pick up the baby tomorrow without being in excruciating pain.

I honestly think that Shawn T is on crack or some special medicine and so are the other people in the DVD who actually keeps up with this work out.

Now he has it jacked up to 60 minutes instead of the usual 38 to 43 minutes. So I see the time and freak out about having to try to breathe for 59 minutes since I always feel like my heart's about to pop while doing the exercises.

Anywhoo, I made it through the entire work out but not without 2 interruptions from Chace which I actually welcomed. I did feel a lot better after I got through it though.

My lovely friend Melissa stopped by to present me with a gift from my hubby. I got the new Mariah Carey perfume and Melissa got me the new Dolce & Gabbana Light blue fragrance. Both smell yummy!!!! :)

I then decided to put my plan of taking a calm trip to Pinky's restaurant. I got dressed, fed the baby and put him to sleep. I then waited for him to get into his deep sleep and headed out. We get to the restaurant and we're seated immediately and luckily the kids already knew what they wanted since we frequent this restaurant. Our food comes out in no time and we get through it in no time all while Chace is still knocked out cold. I even got risky and ordered dessert. Still, no movement from little man. We actually got through dinner and headed back home with no interruptions from Chace. He stayed asleep the entire time. YAY!!!!

I was soooo happy because even though I wouldn't mind if he was awake. I really didn't want to have to pull my boob out to feed him around the table even though I had a cover up. lol Especially since I knew our waiter would've been coming to our table quite a bit throughout the meal.

He finally woke up when we were about 2 minutes away from our house. Hey, works for me.

The rest of the night was spent hanging with my little men. I had an amazing day with them. I so cherish the times I have with them now because they grow up so fast and I can already see the "mommy stop kissing me in public" stage coming from my munchkin #1, Mekhi. To him I'll say, "hey, I pushed you out so I have every right to kiss and love all over you." :)


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