Back to Church!

I finally got the opportunity to go back to church since giving birth and boy was it refreshing. It's funny because I've still been praying and reading my bible during the time I couldn't go to church but there's something special about getting to go to a temple of God and getting down and dirty with worshipping him and getting to be around people who are spiritually connected to each other. It was like quenching an extreme thirst.

Delwin and I decided that I'd return to church after Chace got his first set of shots so for the past 2 months I haven't been able to attend church. There's no set time in when you can take a baby out and we've definitely had Chace out quite a bit since he's been born but I was very hesitant about taking him to church because of course I didn't want to interrupt the service if he started fussing and because we'd be sitting for at least an hr and a half so I wasn't too keen on having him in that environment without him having his first set of shots. Not to say that anyone had the cooties or anything but we wanted to make sure.

Luckily for us Chace is such a sweet and calm little baby. All I need to do is keep him full and clean and he's all good. So since he got his shots last week, I was able to head back. Yippee!! I tried to feed him and make sure he was full before the service started and was hoping he'd be asleep but he wanted to see what all the fuss was about so he stayed up the whole service. I think he took a 5 min nap towards the end but he wasn't fussy nonetheless. I did however spend the entire service in the Mother baby suite because as soon as church started, he stuck his entire left hand in his mouth which was his way of telling me that he was hungry. He usually does the sucking the hand thing for about 5 to 10 minutes before he starts fussing and even then, he's not wailing down the place, lucky mee. :) Today once I saw the hand in the mouth, I made sure to exit the sanctuary waaaayy before the fussing would've started.

Anywhoo, today's sermon was about the treasures of the heart. Pastor Art Sepulveda spoke about what you have in your heart, so shall you be. He talked about people complaining and not taking responsibility for the fruits that they produce in life. He used the reference of us being trees and that we're all able to produce fruits but whatever's in your heart, tells you what kind of fruit you'll produce whether it be a dark and sad fruit or a light and happy fruit. So if you want a certain result in life, you have to prune the tree in order for it to produce the fruits in which your heart desires.

It's a simple concept but it can seem difficult to do but of course with time and practice pruning one's self will produce a pleasurable outcome. Man did I need to hear that sermon. I know I have a lot of pruning to do and I'm giving myself the rest of this yr to make sure I work on that. I just have to make sure I let go of my fear and the constant "what if" that floats around in my head. Obviously I know what's in my heart, I just have to get out of my own way and let my heart speak for itself...


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