"Open Mouth, Insert Vomit"

Oh I had the greatest joy in experiencing vomit in my mouth! No not my own vomit. The vomit of my newborn Chace.

See what had happened was...
I was laughing with him, making funny faces and funny sounds. I had him placed on my knees so there was no shaking involved. I suddenly had the urge to shower him with kisses while continuing to make funny noises which required me to open my mouth VERY wide. He absolutely loved it because he continued to laugh and make noises so I kept on going. All of a sudden in mid kiss and funny sound making, I feel a gush of warm gooey yucky stuff in my mouth. AAAAAHH!!! I wanted to barf because it wasn't one of those thin type of baby vomit, it was the thick chunky one. Blllluuuhh!! I tried not to panic. I placed him down nicely on his blanket with my mouth still wide open, trying to resist the urge to vomit myself. I cleaned him up then ran to the sink to wash my mouth out. I come back to see him still smiling as if nothing happened. It's the strangest thing ever, he didn't miss a smile during the whole time he was throwing up in my mouth. It's so normal to him. Most babies (or one's I've been around) make a weird or serious face or start fussing when they're about to hurl but no, not Chace. Chace is a happy go lucky, sweet and calm baby. Don't get me wrong, I SOOOO appreciate the fact that he makes my life easy (for a newborn) and I NEVER want that to change but a little warning next time would've been very helpful. I always laugh at those parents who gets vomit in their mouths mostly because I think they sometimes bring it on themselves if they're playing with the kid too hard or too rough especially after they've just eaten. Of course positioning of said child is also a big factor but in my case, I had no warning. I wasn't shaking him and he didn't give me the warning face. Shame on him for now making me one of "those" parents. j/k ;) It wasn't a great experience to have and of course I never wanna go through that again but him being so cute and so sweet surely makes up for it. He can do no wrong in my eyes...


  1. eeewww! OMG! This is hilarious! gross but hilarious! aww the life of a superMommy...anything for those kisses right.lol
    We should start a collective blog call "The adventures of a supermom Life of poop, throw up and everything gross" LOL.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think you're on to something about the collective blog idea. I'm sure it'll be a HUGE hit. :)


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