Jamaican Goodies! YAY!!

When hubby and I moved here with the boys we assumed that we'd get the opportunity to have some of the island food we were used to (we're both from Jamaica). However, as soon as we got on the island, we realized that not only did Hawaii not have a Jamaican restaurant, they also didn't carry Jamaican products in grocery stores. That just added to the culture shock that we had here but luckily last summer I got to leave and head back to Fl where Jamaican products are plentiful and got my fix before having to come back.

Well, during Christmas time I was really going through some serious withdrawals because we didn't have our traditional Christmas rum cake with sorrel. So I called up my mom all pouty lipped complaining that I didn't have any Jamaican stuff on how sad it'll be that I won't be able to be with the fam or have our usual food. So she sent me a HUGE box of Jamaican goodies. First of all we got a really sweet, touching Christmas card that was really personal. I got a HUGE rum cake, some Grace pack soup for me to make Fish Tea, Chicken and Cock soup. I got pimento since for some reason I can't find that seasoning here. I got a huge Spiced bun, Coconut Toto, Coconut Drops, Grater Cake, Tamarind Balls, Festival mix, Corn meal, Hominy corn, Festival cookies, Coconut cookies, Ovaltine cookies, Ovaltine chocolate milk mix, Horlicks, Ginger Tea, Ackee and Saltfish. I am in Heaven right now! I can't wait to dig in and enjoy all this food. Sadly it probably won't last past this month but I will be sure to enjoy and savor each and every bit of this food.

Can you tell how greedy I am? :) I'm going to make some ackee and saltfish with festival for dinner and enjoy a nice piece of rum cake for dessert.
Ciao! :)


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