My boobs hurt!

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!! my boobies are killing me. Lil man is not giving me a break at all.

Now I'm trying to be the best mom I can possibly be by deciding to breastfeed my 3rd lil munchkin and despite it being my 3rd time around at this breastfeeding thing, it's still just as hard as the first time. The only difference is I now know what to expect. Nevertheless, my boobies hurt from him sucking on them all day. It's not as if I was starving him or anything, I've been home all day but for some reason, he was just extra hungry today which means he's growing which means this pattern will continue. Oh the horror!!! lol.

I dread the day he gets teeth because he's already gumming on my boobs when he falls asleep. So much so that it takes a little effort on my part to pry him off. EEEKK! Just thinking about him chomping down with teeth makes me cringe.

Thinking back I think Munchkin # 1, my oldest boy chomped down with his teeth about 3 or 4 times. The very first time he did that I swear I saw stars. It hit a nerve that I never knew existed. After that I was so tense when I breastfed him. Luckily I was able to ween him off after 1 yr.

Munchkin # 2 on the other hand was a whole other story. He took FOREVER to get off and it was my fault, I guess, well partially. He's a huge mama's boy and when the 1 yr mark passed I thought for sure that he'd be as easy as Munchkin # 1 but NOOOOO!!! He would bawl the whole house down until I breastfed him and at the time I was an 8 to 5 working mom dealing with hubby being a Marine on the Drill field. So I was basically living the life of a single mom with 2 boys and the only way I could get any sort of sleep at night was to breastfeed him for a little bit, so I did. Hey don't judge me!! ;)

Anywhoo, Munchkin # 2 bit down more times than I'd like to remember. I remember he bit me one time so hard that he pierced my skin and this was when he had two bottom as well as two top teeth so I had cuts on both sides of my nipple. Of course I couldn't continue feeding him on that nipple so I had to feed him from one boob for a whole week while the other boob healed and I was sooooo lop sided and was in SOOOOO much pain because breast milk was overflowing at this point. I had to squeeze the milk out with my hand since I couldn't breastfeed or pump because the breast pump hurt just as bad as the sucking would. It was the worst ever.

Some people said that once their baby bit them, that was their cue to stop breastfeeding but since I wasn't at the 1 yr mark yet, I thought I would be doing him a disservice by stopping. So I continued breastfeeding. Oh, Oh Oh!! The story of how I stopped breastfeeding is hilarious.

One night at around 11:30, I was super tired from working, cooking, going over homework, prepping for work and school the next day, cleaning up, you know, being a mom, lol. I had just climbed into bed after assuming both boys were sleeping and in comes Munchkin # 2 wanting some breast milk. So I told him to wait in my bed while I get some water. I went downstairs and proceeded to put hot sauce on both of my boobs. Again, don't judge me!! I came upstairs and started to breastfeed him and of course he pushed away from it and said "booby hot." So I acted all surprised and said "really? oh my, I don't think you can drink it then. Do you want some warm milk or water?" So that night I put him to bed with regular milk. Even though I did that, it took him about a week of trying for him to finally get over it. And boy was I happy. Geesh, it was such a huge relief because to me it was beginning to get a little weird that a 2 yr old refused to stop breastfeeding. Of course I knew he wasn't drinking to get full since he was eating quite well, he just wanted that bonding time and closeness with me which I appreciated and loved but not with the vice he was choosing.

The one thing that all three boys have in common is that they all refused to take a bottle, even when I put breast milk in the bottle. I'd leave hubby with them to go to school or work or the grocery store and I'd call to check on them and I'd hear them in the background screaming their little heads off because they didn't want the breast milk from the bottle despite its temperature being similar to my breasts. Instead they'd wait until I got home and as soon as I put the boob in their mouth, so stops the crying. Amazing! So I'm not enjoying that part of motherhood right now because it means I can't go anywhere for a long time which can be aggravating when you're trying to get some me time. It doesn't help that hubby doesn't have the patience to deal with the fussing. So this is the reason for my sore boobs.

This time around Munchkin # 3 is starting to chomp down just a wee bit earlier than I'd like so I really gotta watch out for him...


  1. first your baby is adorable.. second.. boy does that bring back memories. Good for you that you lasted up to 2 years. In Canada they recommend up to 2. I couldn't do it myself, my babies gave up on me early and by the time my 3rd one arrived I was so tired of sore boobs, I couldn't wait for him to wean. Still you always feel bad you don't do it longer. I think it's hilarious the way you got him to quit.

    stopping by from Momblognetwork

  2. Aww, thanx for the compliment on my new little one. :) Thanks for finding the humor in my various breastfeeding experiences. It's definitely something to laugh at. The things we go through for our kids. :)


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