Did the alarm go off?

OMG I over slept and made my kids late for school!!!

I feel like such a bad mommy. :((((

I guess it happens to the best of us? I dunno...

I went to bed pretty late because I was determined to finish washing, drying, folding and putting away ALL the laundry, which I did. YAY!! Go me!! Seriously, this is a celebratory event because often times I wash, dry, fold but take a while to put away the laundry entirely. Hey don't judge me! I only have 2 hands.

So after finishing the laundry I checked in on all 3 kiddies and headed to bed. Munchkin # 3 must've smelled me coming and decided he wanted an early morning snack (it was about 1:30 am) so he woke up, fed for about 10 minutes and went back to bed. In the midst of me putting him to bed, Ethan, munchkin # 2 woke up crying that his room is too dark. Mind you, the hallway light that's VERY bright and shines directly into his room is on. So I try to get him back to bed and he goes back but not without crying loud enough to wake Mekhi who's tossing and turning and moaning for Ethan to be quiet. So I give up and let Ethan come sleep in my bed.

Will I finally get sleep? NO!!! Ethan falls asleep immediately and he's snoring SOOOO loud that I have to concentrate on tuning him out (like I sometimes do when he's awake and playing loudly). Hey again, don't judge me! I'm sure other moms do this too, right? hmm...

He gets pretty loud, as long as he's healthy, well fed and safe, I can tune him out to get work done around the house if he's not down for hanging with mama.

Anywhoo, back to why I over slept!

So I finally tune him out long enough to fall asleep. About an hr later my bladder decides to fill up to the point where I HAVE to get up. So I get up, empty it and get back in bed as quietly as possible because I don't want Chace to think it's snack time again. Didn't work, I get in bed and he gets up for a snack.

Luckily its another ten minute snack. I finally put him down to sleep then fall asleep myself and I swear ten minutes later my alarm went off. I actually picked up the cell phone to double check when I'd set it for because I couldn't believe it was friggin 6:40 am!!

So I put the phone down and figured I'd give myself 5 more minutes of sleep since Ethan was already in my bed so it'll be easy for me to wake him since I don't have to walk to his room and Mekhi's easy to get up in the mornings.

33 minutes later I jump up because I see that the sun's pretty bright outside and I'm usually up way before it gets that bright. I see that it's 7:13, I jump out the bed grabbing up Ethan. I opened Chip's cage, ran to the boys' room to wake Mekhi and rush downstairs praying that Chace won't get up while I'm trying to get breaksfast started.

I didn't have time to make them their cornmeal porridge so I pop some waffles and french toast in the toaster while pouring out juices, then let the dog out in the back yard, prepped his breakfast then set up the kids' waters for school and prepped their clothes which I forgot to do the night before.

So they eat as fast as possible then rush to brush their teeth, wash up and get dressed as fast as possible.

I was sooooo happy that Chace didn't get up at all. I had to actually wake him up and get him dressed and changed just as we're about to head out to take the boys to school. Yeeeess Jesus loves me!!!! (insert singing voice here)

We made it to school at around 8:10 am (we live on base so it's pretty close and we missed the morning traffic).

I got home and let out a huge sigh of relief. Even though the boys were late, it was only by 15 minutes but I felt soooo bad that I dropped the ball on getting them to school on time.

I know I shouldn't feel so bad but I do. My kids are my job, a lovely job that even though it drives me insane from time to time, I'd never quit. So to fail at a task is a bit disappointing to me. So I'm blaming hubby being gone for this one. he he. Hey I'm allowed to. If he was here to take a little bit of the load of me, I'd be able to get more done.

Scratch that. I should learn to just let go and maybe put some stuff off until tomorrow. If I'd gone to bed when the kids went to bed, I may have gotten up on time. I can always do laundry another day. It wasn't like we ran out of underwear or anything. I just wanted to see an empty laundry basket even if it was for a few hrs only. lol

Moral of the story - I must not burn myself out! I wonder if I'll listen to that bit of advice. I don't think I will but I can try....


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