"Go Kerry, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like its your birthday!!" lol I know I'm corny, oh well...

I'm very thankful to God for allowing me to make it another year. I get to celebrate my birthday with my kiddies today. YAY!!!

I asked Mekhi and Ethan where they were gonna take me for my birthday or if they're gonna cook for me and they both looked at me and said "Mommy, we're not allowed to use the stove so we can't cook for you. You want us to make you a sandwich?" I just about died of laughter but also from how sweet they were to offer to make me a sandwich. They're such great little men.

Later on they asked if I could take them to dinner for "my" birthday. lol. Interesting... They even suggested the restaurant we should go to. Since I'm obviously not going to be cooking for myself tomorrow, I will gladly take them... I mean myself to dinner with some extra special dinner guests of course. ;)

This will be my first time going to a restaurant and sitting down with all 3 boys by myself. It should be pretty interesting. I think I'll be ok. Chace is a pretty good baby. But just in case he decides to get fussy I figured that I'd feed him and wait for him to fall asleep then immediately leave the house. This will give me at least 3 hrs of free time and even if he wakes up, I'll request a booth at the restaurant so I can breast feed him without anyone really noticing.

Yes I just said I'd breast feed my baby in a restaurant. Hey don't judge me. I have a really great cover up and he's a silent drinker.

I just hope he doesn't let out one of his usual grown men who just drank a coke or beer burps. Chace is by FAR the loudest baby burper ever!! It's hilarious to hear such things coming out of his tiny little body.

Anywhoo, I shall report on my trip to the restaurant on Friday....


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