It's My Anniversary Today !!! :-)

It's my anniversary today and hubby's not here. :*-( He's doing some training off the island and won't be back until next week. So he's missing our special day. Oh the joys of being a military wife...

What's even worse is my birthday's tomorrow. So I'm left with all 3 boys (did I mention we have a newborn?) all by myself and a VERY active puppy who loves to run away.

Yay!! Happy Anniversary/Birthday to me!!!

I'm choosing to look on the bright side of things.

1 - Hubby's not at war (awesome).
2 - I have 3 gorgeous and absolutely sweet kids to celebrate with (oh yea and Chip, lol).

Oh, I almost forgot. Look at what hubby surprised me with for our anniversary:

He had his hook up at the flower shop here on base make this AMAZINGLY beautiful arrangements of bright flowers with tons of my favorite color (pink) in it.

He also bought this super sweet, super cute necklace and hid it in our garage and had me go get it. (That wasn't the only thing I ended up finding near the garage but that's a whole other post I'll share with ya later - I promise).

Anywhoo, I feel oh so special today. This definitely makes up for him missing 2 very important dates. At least we'll get a chance to truly celebrate when he gets back next week. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Those flowers are gorgeous! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. :)

  2. Thanks ladies.

    They are definitely gorgeous. Hubby gets BIG points for them. He is a pretty great guy. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. Thank you and your family for what you military families do!

    And thanks for stopping by to visit me on my SITS day! Hope you come back again.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Kerry! And Happy Happy Birthday!

    I completely understand the missing out. G.I. Joe was in Iraq for our first anniversary. And we've missed 3 birthdays. You are so lucky though that you have your kids. Its the pits missing those holidays with your hubby and not having a little one/ones to make the time go by faster.

    From the looks of those flowers and necklace you've got a really good man :) You deserve to be spoiled!

  5. Thanks Sandy, I appreciate that.

    I'll be sure to stop on by again. :)

  6. Thanks for the anniversary/birthday shout out Barbie ;)

    Yea he's a pretty great guy and yep I surely deserve to be spoiled. lol.

    It definitely sucks when our military men have to go off for training or to war and miss important and special dates. However, I'm always thankful that he gets to come back home safe and sound. That trumps the special occasions any day. :)


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