Valley of the Temples

Today started off pretty swell. The kids got up later than expected (8:30 am). Munchkin # 3 decided to sleep in a little so I was able to get up and get breakfast for #1 & 2 and Chip before # 3 got up and required all my attention.

As soon as I got up my sweet little munchkin #2 reminded me that I promised to take him to feed the fish and birds at Valley of the Temples. He'd been begging to go for over a week now and I'd put it off for far too long so I was determined to not break my promise despite the fact that this meant having to go on the road with all 3 kids on my own. Yikes!!

Luckily all went well.

First I decided to leave the house during one of #3's long naps. So I fed him and as soon as he fell asleep I knew I had a good 3 possibly 4 hrs of free time I could spend with #1 and 2. So off we went.

Valley of the Temples is located in a gorgeous cemetery on the wind ward side of Oahu. It's nestled bellow sharply carved yet stunningly beautiful mountains. It's surrounded by flourishing greenery and tropical plants that goes on for miles.

You'd think you stepped right into a painting when you're there. It's kinda weird that I'm calling it gorgeous seeing that it's a sad place and all but it really is a spectacular place to be buried. The saying "Rest in Peace" is truly depicted at this cemetery.

Anywhoo, we get to the temples and it's as if I can feel and smell God there. As strange as that sounds that's exactly the feeling it gives you. You walk over a small, quaint little bridge and you're hit with majestic views of the bright red temples with gold trimmings and a splash of green.

They have a huge bell that you're supposed to ring on the way in the temples to get rid of evil temptations around you.

In that case there wasn't an evil temptation within miles after Munchkin # 1 and Munchkin #2 got finished ringing the bell. lol. It was so cute to watch them ring the bell with the oversize stick.

As we continued on our journey, we stopped in the little gift shop to buy some fish and bird food and that's when the kids had a field day. They got to feed the oversized koi fish and a few birds.

They were so excited to just feed the fish that it made me feel so proud as a mom that they had such a deep appreciation for nature. Not once did they complain or say they were bored. They were even excited to take their shoes off and get to walk inside the big temple.

They're the ones that took the picture of the huge buddha inside the temple. After leaving I asked them if they wanted to come back and take their dad and they both said yes. Oh, and Munchkin # 3 didn't wake up despite me having to push his stroller through some serious gravel.

He definitely made up for it once we got home though. It took me 3 hrs to make a dinner that should've taken me about 35 minutes to make. It was a bit frustrating because Munchkin #2 and Munchkin #1 were really hungry and despite me feeding Munchkin # 3, he was a little fussy for some reason.

Eventually with a little help from his older brothers, he calmed down long enough for me to finish dinner, clean up and get everyone ready for bed.

Whew what a day!! It went by fast but I definitely put some work in. I sooo wish I could have a drink right now. Oh well. I'll just have a cup of tea and call it a night.



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