Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life's too short...

Feels like I haven't been writing in ages. My family's been going through some rough times lately. We recently had to deal with the unexpected death of my father in law. I still can't believe he's gone even as I'm typing this. Even though we weren't extremely close it's still a huge blow. He wasn't sick or anything and we still don't know what happened especially since he was still quite young.

Since hubby is deployed it was quite an adventure getting him to leave for the funeral. For me, traveling with 3 young boys was a scary thought but it needed to be done to get to see and support hubby and the rest of the family.

Although it was a tremendously sad time for the family we decided to make sure we stayed in touch more and really love and support each other. We miss him dearly and wish that we could tell and show him how much he was loved by us all. I'm sure he knew but it doesn't hurt to say it as often as you can.

We learned that we can't take life for granted because it can be over in the blink of an eye. I have to admit that due to his death, my focus has changed. I've been leaning and grabbing a hold of God more and more these days. I want to make sure I'm living the life God wants me to live, not the one I think I should live. I've been asking him to guide my steps now more than ever. I don't ever want to waste a minute on this earth and I want to make sure my children or entire family won't either.

Here's to starting fresh or adding boost of energy and focus...


  1. Kerry, I'd say you have been thru it like crazy this past year. It has been one thing after another. I am sorry about the loss of your dad inlaw. You are reaching to the One that can comfort you, that is what matters. My deepest sympathy.....

  2. Kerry, I'm so sorry for your loss. My father died unexpectedly 3 years ago at the age of 56 and we still don't know why. It's hard and it really makes you appreciate the people you have in your life. I'm sending you lots of love and prayers. Take care of yourself and each other.

  3. Often when we lose someone we love, it sometimes changes your view of God, good or bad! But God didn't change, only our view of Him. I know you're a believer with strong faith, but it's important for others reading this who might be on the fence with God due to similar pain/hurt/loss, to know that God still loves you and you should still love Him despite things maybe not playing out the way we wanted. Keep believing God to help the family grieve Kerry and move forward. I love you babes. SH.

  4. I know I'm way late but THANK YOU ALL for the words of encouragement and wisdom. I really appreciate em. :)


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