Monday, March 14, 2011

Tsunami # 2

How could something so beautiful be so deadly and dangerous?

It was just a year ago when I received a call at 5 am about a tsunami set to hit Hawaii around 11 am. I was so out of it and shocked that I had to take a minute to try to grasp the fact that a huge wave or waves would be hitting land and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I remember it like it was yesterday but instead of writing about it again, you can check out that post here!

This time around I think it hit me differently because the footage of Japan's disaster was so raw and quick and devastating. It's such a sad thing to see happen and especially when it's something you can't prevent. When Hawaii went into a state of emergency and received our very own tsunami warning things got really intense. You'd think I was more at ease this time around but no such luck. First of all we now live within walking distance of the ocean and Japan is much closer to Hawaii than Chile was and of course after seeing the footage of Japan's destruction, I couldn't help but to be worried.

Luckily we had the option to stay with our friends who lived on much higher ground. We packed up and camped out for the night and was so relieved when the tsunami didn't hit us. I must say that Hawaii was really on top of things. They made sure that they kept us in the loop while staying as calm as possible. Our politicians and rescue teams were with us every step of the way and for that I'm truly grateful.

This year is turning out to be quite an emotional roller coaster. While I've been enjoying some really great highs, I've had to really dig myself out of some really low lows. I'm praying that the rest of the year will be less intense as it's been so far. If it stays on the same course as it's been going, I pray for strength, courage and endurance to make it through. I know that all I need is my God and my faith and I definitely have that in tact so I'll be good. :) It'll just be nice to just chill out for a bit...

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  1. ohhhhhh Kerry! When this thing all went down I couldn't wait for Monday to hit so that I could do to 'Kerry's World' to see how you guys were. Yes, I would say your life so far this year has been one big tsunami, I'm so glad you have Jesus to lean on and get you thru. I think you are in the storm and now the rest of the year will be restoration (smile)

    SO glad you are ok. Love, Marlece


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