2011 so far...

Wow this year has been filled with lots and lots of challenges so far but as I reflect on everything I realize that God never left me and he's blessed my family and I tremendously. Every time we met a challenge, I had to give God praises because that meant that my family and I were ready for our "promotion" and ready to get to the next level. It hasn't been easy but we hung in there.

Hubby's deployment is in the end stages and I can't wait!!! This time around it went by fast and I love it. I'm itching because we're set to receive orders and it can come any day now. I just pray that where ever we end up, it will be great for the family. I'm sure it will be because we're covered by God. :)


  1. I hope God says Fort Lewis in Washington and then you can move to Olympia and I can see you face to face (smile)Let us know, keep us informed....


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