Wordless Wednesdays - "Baby Smiles"

It's time for some cute, funny or sappy photos!!!

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This week's photo is SUPER adorable. It's a picture of my munchkin # 3 and his "future wife". She was born a week after him and is as cute as a button.

She was taking a nap and I had just finished changing his diaper. I decided to place him next to her for a minute and he started looking at her & gave this HUGE smile and kept smiling with her for a good minute. It was the CUTEST thing ever.

I have to make sure I keep this pic and show it to them in the future. Wouldn't it be sweet if they actually do end up together? That'll be a match made in heaven because I'm already cool with her mom and dad so it'll be such a breeze to have them in the fam. ;)


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