Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Funny Kiddy Story - "I Wanna Go To Church!!"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan.

While living in California we attended a church in Woodland Hills called "In His Presence Church." We absolutely loved and adored the church and so did the kids which was very important to me. I'm not one to judge but I prefer to attend a church that is actively teaching my children about the bible just as much as I'm getting taught about the bible. For us this church was doing that and much more.

SO we started attending Wednesday night services and again, the kids loved it. One Wednesday just before leaving to go to church, Ethan started crying and saying he was sick and his ear was hurting him. I assumed he must be getting an ear infection. So I told my hubby to take Mekhi to church and I'd stay back with Ethan.

Oh no!!!! Ethan wasn't having it. He quickly jumped in and said no, he wanted to go to church. Hubby and I were puzzled of course. We even started laughing because he still had tears in his eyes and a shaky voice while protesting to us that he didn't want to miss church. We asked him if he was expecting a prize or something in class and he said no, he just wanted to go. He even promised us that he felt better.

Since the church was just down the street, we ended up taking him. We figured that there's no way God would make my child suffer for wanting to praise him. ;)

Anywhoo, I told his teacher he wasn't feeling well and to page me immediately if she noticed anything wrong with him. He went through the entire service just fine. He even got to play David in a play they had in class which said a lot because Ethan is an EXTREMELY shy child who hates having the spot light on him.

Anywhoo, As soon as we got in the car, he starts complaining about his ear again and was still a little fussy once we got home.

I was so touched as I'm sure God was that he held in his pain just to go to church. He got big points from me that night. I felt like a proud mama. :)

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