Monday, March 15, 2010

"Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy" - DVD Review

I’ve decided to continue my rant about the absolutely fabulous Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy” story. Why because I love this story and I’m so infatuated with the way it’s told. This time however, I’m ranting about the DVD. I had the pleasure of getting the entire collection and wrote a review on the Book/CD, you can read that review here. I also got the chance to interview Tina herself [you read that interview here].

Well the DVD to me was the icing on this fabulously entertaining, educational and wholesome story. I’m a visual person so I loved the fact that Tina provided this DVD to go along with her “Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy” story book/CD. Not only did she provide this visually artistic and colorful DVD, but she also provided a sign interpreter to make sure no child is left out of this exquisite story.

My children loved this DVD. They sat through the entire viewing of it and were actually intrigued with the sign interpreter. They kept asking me what she was doing and tried mimicking her a few times. I thought it was so cute that they wanted to learn sign language.

The best part about this DVD is the fact that Tina Turbin is generously donating half of the profits to the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf and other causes to help further education and support literacy and the welfare of all children.

I sang her praises before but I’m truly grateful to have such a dedicated advocate for education such as Tina Turbin. I tip my hat off to her.

Tina Turbin ( is a widely-acclaimed, award-winning children's published author, writer, researcher, humanitarian and mother. Working for many years with children in the Entertainment Business, Tina has always been an advocate for families, women’s issues, and celiac and gluten issues as a way to improve the quality of lives of others ( As a member and contributing writer for such distinguished organizations as the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW), National Association of Divorced Women and Children (NADWC), Baby Boomer Knowledge Center, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), Awareness Magazine and numerous other publications, her indispensable advice on the topics of family, children's literacy, gluten, celiac disease and issues affecting women and children has proven invaluable to many. Tina is proud to work closely with the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center in raising funds and awareness for celiac research, and she is also a tireless supporter and friend to the community through her readings of her delightful Danny the Dragon children’s series ( at libraries, schools and hospitals. Proud member of the Association of Booksellers for Children (ABC), the Southern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA) the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME).

Please make sure you check out Tina’s website to purchase this spectacular collection. I’ll definitely be picking up the rest of the “Danny the Dragon” stories.

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