Friday, July 23, 2010

World AIDS Day with S.T.A.R. Foundation

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Many of you may not know what S.T.A.R. Foundation is but by the end of this post I'm hoping you'll learn more and want to help out in some way. Shame on me for not mentioning S.T.A.R. Foundation before on my blog especially because it's a cause that's very much needed and one that I'm very fond of.

S (success) T (thrives) A (around) R (respect) Foundation's main purpose is to provide a foundation of self respect within young women through mentoring, educating and promoting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle which incorporates HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention.

With that said World AIDS day is coming up, it's December 1st. STAR Foundation is asking for your support. We'd love if you'd take a pic of yourself wearing one of our t-shirts and post it as your facebook and/or twitter profile pic starting November 29th until after World AIDS day. T-shirts will be provided to you for FREE and you can check out or to see what our foundation is all about and how our t-shirts look.

We want to show the world that this cause is VERY important and necessary. So if you'd like to get involved, please shoot me an email at with your address and shirt size. (These shirts run small so if you usually wear a medium in misses, you'd wear a large in these shirts).

Please help us make a difference across the world, help support our cause today. Also, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and get your friends to sign up to receive a FREE shirt and post a pic as well, the more the merrier. :)

"Women are the pulse of the earth; nothing happens unless it comes through us. So in knowing that why don't we embrace that!" - Actress, Regina King

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