Friday, July 9, 2010

Living your dreams

K peeps! This week has been quite an adventure. Besides getting to hang out with great friends who are visiting us from Cali, I've had to do some "summer" cleaning with my to do list.

I had a really sweet and touching conversation with my mom earlier this week. She called me and told me that she's going back to college to be a nurse. My mom is one of those people who is constantly on survival mode and loves the finer things in life. She also had to give up her dreams to be a mom and raise 4 children. She confessed to me that whenever she goes to the doctor for her appts she finds herself getting jealous of the nurses because she wants to do what they're doing.

I thought it was so profound to hear her say that because that's exactly how I feel about writing, acting and modeling.

What's odd is that I never told my mom that these were my passions until after I graduated college because I thought she wouldn't be proud of me or thought I wasn't grounded or living in reality.

I've always been a great student and got good grades and tons of awards and honors in school but after high school I found myself being drawn to the world of entertainment and no matter how hard I tried to follow my parents' goals for me (pediatrician or lawyer) I found myself going right back to acting.

So when my mom figured out that I wanted to be an actress but that I was constantly faced with obstacles, she knew exactly how I felt. She saw how frustrated I was when I'd get a role then the film got canceled or if I had to miss an audition because I didn't have childcare.

When she told me that she was going back to school I could've said "Why? What's the point?" But I didn't. I told her congrats and that I'm happy for her because for the first time in a long time she was truly happy and I could feel her excitement through the phone. I'm so excited for her that she's refusing to give up on her dreams. Her pushing forward lighted a new fire in me to keep pushing forward to accomplish my own dreams.

With that said, within the next few weeks, I'll be pretty busy making sure that I put 110% into accomplishing my dreams. I'll be able to reveal more of what I'll be up a little later so stay tuned but for now I'll just say that I'm super excited and I'm very happy about the opportunities.

Don't worry, I'll still be posting on a regular basis but I do hope that you'll understand if I miss a day or two. He he ;)

So Happy Friday Ohana!!!

Have a great weekend! :

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  1. Good for your MOM!
    We do give up so much for our kiddos. But it's so important for us to still reach for our dreams.

    Sounds like a really touching convo you had with your mama. :-)


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