Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspirational Mondays - "Tune out negativity"

Inspirational Mondays!

Happy Monday Ohana!!

It's time for a little inspiration to get you through your week!

"Where sin abounds, grace abounds so much more (Romans 5:20). God was, in essence, saying, "I don't put my stamp of approval on condemnation." See, God is not in the business of condemning people; He's in the business of improving and loving people.

You may have encountered people who want to accuse you and "throw stones" at you, but that's not the way our God is. He's never going to throw stones at you or try to push you down. He wants to empower you to live a better life. Maybe you've made some mistakes, or maybe you've been hurt by someone who threw rocks at you. Today is your day to let go of that hurt and open your heart to receive God's love because it's His love that sets us free and empowers us to change.

Remember, as long as we live, there will be accusing voices. The faultfinders and stone throwers will always be there. When the negative voices come, we can either believe them and stay where we are, or we can believe that we're forgiven, accepted, and approved by God. It's up to us to cast the deciding vote on what dominates our lives—freedom or condemnation, faith or fear, love or bitterness.

Decide today to make the best choice: receive God's love and live with confidence. Tune out the accusing voices so you can move forward into the freedom and blessing God has prepared for you." - Joel Osteen

Have a blessed and prosperous week everyone!! :)

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