Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordful Wednesdays - "Munchkin # 1 turns 9"

It's Wordful Wednesdays courtesy of Angie.

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I'm still celebrating my 1st heartbeat's birthday this week so I thought it was only fitting to show baby (well, toddler) pics of my lil man who's 1 yr away from hitting the double digits.

This pic was taken in 2003, he was 2 yrs old and LOVED posing and smiling for the camera...

This was him in 2004 being the great big brother that he is...

This was him in 2006 when we decided to pimp him out, er, I mean sign him up for modeling. He wasn't having such a good time in this pic but it still turned out cute. he he

This was him chilling out with his little brothers.

Close up of my 1st born and star player of my special team. :)

Such a cutie patootie ain't he? ;)


  1. He is adorable ... and 9 is such a good age - they still like you =)

  2. I agree he is a cutie!

    How did you get his hair like that? I love it!

    Happy birthday to your first born.

  3. LOL @Jayayceeblog. Thanks. I'm very grateful that he still likes me. Hopefully I can stretch the time out as long as possible.

    @JamericanSpice - Thanks. We had someone do it for us. She used a weaving process where she loops his own hair using a needle then I continued it after she started it. It takes a while to tighten but it's pretty neat. He loves it.

  4. What a cutie! Baby boy is growing up.


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