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Baby Dedication

I'm a bit late in posting/mentioning this but this pic was taken about a week ago when we had a "Baby Dedication" ceremony for our precious lil munchkin # 3.

(I'm exhausted from the day's festivities, can you tell from the pic? he he)

The ceremony was beautiful and very touching.

We were lucky enough to get a team of Pastors and worship leaders to perform a private ceremony for us. We invited some great friends and had a grand ole time.

Munchkin # 3 slept through the entire dedication part and woke up as soon as the actual ceremony was over. Go figure... lol

We ate well, prayed well, socialized well and praised God VERY well for yet another great gift.

I feel so blessed and honored that he chose me to be the mom to these 3 particular lil blessings. I know I'm always boasting about how good my kids are but it's true they really are great kids. Sure they do the typical kiddy things and get into trouble or lose their minds every now and then but overall they're pretty sweet and stable kids.

Gotta love em...

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

Mahalo for stopping by... ;)


  1. What a lovely photo! Stopping in from Seven Clowns, and Happy Hump Day to you, too!

  2. Hello, katie recommended you b/c I have 3 boys, also.

    She was right, I do love it here. I'm your newest follower!

  3. Thanks for the follow and for stopping by Empress!


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