Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask the Milies is NOW LIVE!!!

Hey blog peeps!!

"Ask the Milies" is now LIVE!!!

Dunno what I'm talking about? No worries, I'll fill you in.

Mrs.GIJoe and I have decided to put our military thinking caps together to create a site that's filled with great resources and advice for military spouses. Instead of having to go through chains of commands or searching through google, just click here (or our fabulous button created my the lovely Mrs.Muffins) and get all the info you'll need about how to survive and thrive as a military spouse.

No we're not "Government officiated" military advice peeps or anything but we figure we got enough experience to help other wives along in this military lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the site, we've already gotten some GREAT questions and answers posted, so spread the word and grab our button to post on your site.

We really appreciate ALL the support and feedback we've gotten thus far!

Mahalo!! :)

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