Friday, June 11, 2010

My Tiny Blessing...

My lil munchkin's gonna be Christened tomorrow. Seems like it was just yesterday when he was born. He's only 7 months old now but gosh the time flew by REALLY fast.

Now he's grabbing everything and making noises, trying to stand up, crawling all over the place and making us enjoy the simple things in life.

He always brightens up the room no matter what. I love how he always seems to put a smile on everyone's face no matter how bad a day we all may have. He's such a happy and sweet baby and we're truly blessed to have him in our lives.

I've been blessed with 3 amazing boys and what better way to celebrate than to dedicate our newest little munchkin to God and promise God that I'll never take his trust in me as a mother for granted.

You see none of my children were planned. he he ;) I didn't exactly protect myself to the fullest to ensure I didn't have children and I always knew that I wanted to be a mother so when I got pregnant, it was a shock but a welcomed one.

Munchkin # 3 REALLY through us off but we're SOO glad he's here. I know God has GREAT plans for my family and I want to make sure I honor that.

So tomorrow's gonna be a big day in our house. I'm not only excited for the ceremony but I'm excited that I get to see family members who will be coming in from CA and FL for this special occasion.

I'll be sure to post pics of the ceremony next week.

Happy Friday everyone!

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Ciao :)


  1. My third was a bit of a shock, number 4 was total shock. I wouldn't want any other way.

    Have a blessed day tomorrow.

  2. We have a similar story in that we both have three unplanned children, yet they're the best things to ever happen "accidentally"! Your little 7 month old has a bright smile, gorgeous hair and a look of melting eyes!! Makes me want to go home and squeeze on mine.

  3. He is just so gorgeous Kerry! Congratulations!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments and compliments ladies. ;)


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