Friday, August 6, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week!

It's "World Breastfeeding Week!!" Yay!!!

I gotta admit I had no idea that it was "World Breastfeeding Week" until I watched "The View" earlier this week. he he...

I know, I know, shame on me especially since whenever I'm breastfeeding I can practically feed an entire village from the amount of milk I get. On top of that all 3 of my boys drank breast milk like it was crack. None of them would drink it out of a bottle and none of them wanted to drink regular formula so they went straight from breast milk to whole milk and solid foods.

I had to put hot sauce on my boobs to ween munchkin # 2 off my breast after he turned 2. That's a whole other story that you could read about HERE. It's actually a really funny story.

Anyway, I only decided to write a post about this after I heard about Gisele's hot mess of a statement she made about women who don't breastfeed. Apparently she wants to make it mandatory for women to breastfeed. She thinks that women who don't breastfeed their babies are selfish and not thinking about the well being of their children.

Really Gisele? Really? That was a "hello dumb dumb" statement. It's obvious that I'm ALL for breastfeeding but trying to force a woman to do something with her own body that doesn't work for her is NOT gonna happen.

First of all not all women who want to breast feed get the option because they may not produce enough milk to feed the child. On top of that there are tons of other medical conditions that may prevent a woman from breast feeding.

It's really sweet and thoughtful of her to be thinking of the child especially since breastfeeding is best for babies. However, generalizing or making such a statement just makes you look ignorant and inconsiderate.

Good for you that you get to breastfeed your baby but next time, keep that statement to yourself cause it won't fly well with us ladies. K?

You still got a banging body though. ;)

Hey do you like my pic with me and munchkin # 3? Cute ain't it? He had his first photo shoot a few weeks ago. I'll be posting more next week. Or you can check out photographer Malia's blog to see the rest of the pics. She did an amazing job with the pics and with my lil munchkin. :)

Happy Friday everyone!!

Have a fun, safe and blessed weekend!! :)


  1. I have 4 kids. My first 2 had formula exclusive, and my last 2 I breastfed. BF is a DIFFICULT task...NOT every women can do it, and some women arn't able to stick to it. It is to each their own! You have to do what is right for YOUR own body and your baby. There is nothing wrong with formula. I'd like her to make that statement to a mother who can't nurse at all, because she can't supply breastmilk for her baby. It's NOT simple.....BF is diffinetely an art form, as I am sure you know.

    That is all I will say about that!

    Hot sauce on the boob had me cracking up!!!!!

  2. You're definitely right. BF is not for everyone but should be a woman's choice and no one else's. After all, it is HER body. Feeding your baby formula shouldn't be stigmatized, there's nothing wrong with formula at all.

    Glad you got a kick outta the hot sauce. I felt soooo bad doing it but I honestly had to get rest or I wouldn't have survived. lol

    Have a good one chica. :)

  3. I have to honestly say that if it weren't for the fact that our 3 children were born with so many allergies, that I would've bottle fed them.

    BF is difficult, and time consuming, but thank god, I was able to do it..b/c they couldn't keep down any type of formula.

    We moms do what we need to do. And ppl should not judge.. b/c they don't know the whole story behind a decision. Maye a mom has to work. How many women have rich husbands/boyfriends to help support their kids??

  4. Exactly. I hate it when people assume that because it may be simple or it comes naturally for them that it will be the same for women across the board to BF. It just doesn't work that way. It really should be a woman's preference and judgment should never be placed on their decision.

    Thanks for the comments! ;)


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