Friday, August 13, 2010

Electric Slide at School

I mentioned last week that the boys are back in school here in Hawaii.

(Look at my cutie pie Munchkin # 1 ;) )

I was pretty excited for this school year to start because I ended up switching the boys from public school to a charter school and I'm SO glad I did.

(Here goes my lil sugar dumpling Munchkin # 2 ;) )

I'm REALLY picky with who watches my kids or where they go to school as I'm sure every mom is. I like to make sure that if my children are spending a significant amount of time away from me that it's at a place or with someone who ALWAYS has their best interests at heart and will only influence them in a positive way.

So their father and I decided that we'd send them to private school when it came time for them to start school. We were lucky enough to find great private schools in previous states. However, Hawaii's private schools costs an arm and a leg so we had to enroll them in public school. Nothing wrong with public school, in fact there are some really great ones around.

Last year we focused on convenience rather than the level or type of education and ended up getting frustrated with our overall experience of the public school they attended.

This school year, we made sure to go back to our old views and focus on the best education experience possible. This is exactly what we found in their new school. The atmosphere, teachers and parents are all pretty impressive thus far. Of course this is just the second week of school but I'm really happy with what I've seen so far.

Funny story - The first day of school I decided to walk the boys to class so I can see what their morning routine will be. Apparently this school has a morning assembly where the principal comes out and talks to the children then they do the "Pledge of Allegiance" then they have a school pledge that's spoken in the Hawaiian language which sounds really cool but of course I'm clueless as to what's being said. lol After that they dismiss the kids to class but what really made me wanna laugh out loud was the fact that all of a sudden they started blasting the "electric slide" over the loud speakers to get the kids pumped up and ready for school.

After I heard that I was 100 % convinced that I made the right decision in sending my kids there. Of course them winning the "2009 - 2010 Distinguished school" had A LOT to do with it as well. ;)

Oh I couldn't video tape the kiddies so I found a really cute video of the "Pillsbury Doughboy" doing the electric slide on youtube, check it out! It's super cute.

I would ask how's everyone doing with their back to school transition but I know that Hawaii's the only state that's currently back in school so never mind. :)

Happy Friday everyone!!

Have a fun, safe and blessed weekend! :)


  1. That sounds like an amazing place!!! You cannot go wrong with the Electric Slide :)

  2. Nope, you sure can't go wrong. ;)

  3. What a fun place! I am thinking of looking into charter schools, too

  4. I'm thoroughly impressed with Charter schools now. Not just because of the music ;) This school really tries to focus on making sure every child is focused and well taken care of.


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