Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordful Wednesdays - "Cutest Couple"

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Cutest Couple Evah!!!

Check out my lil munchkin and his lil chica aka my future daughter in law.

That's right, her parents, hubby and I decided to marry them off. Cause we can do that. They were born a week and a half a part and was destined for cuteness and love for all eternity. lol

Ok maybe that's a stretch but we pretty much have them set...

See she already grasped the concept and is getting him prepped for some "baby love."

Aren't they SUPER cute? I gotta keep an eye on her though... He he ;)

Happy Hump Day everyone!!


  1. So super cute! I think it is a perfect match!

  2. They are so precious!

    Have a great Wednesday!


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