Friday, May 21, 2010

Worldwide Mission Monkey Day!!!

Worldwide Mission Monkey Day!!

It's worldwide Mission Monkey Day!! Monkey's the sweet little baby girl you see above. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. You can read her story at her mama Michelle's blog "My Pixie Dreams."

Monkey needs all the help and prayers she can get. So everyone in blog world's been teaming up, linking up and writing up on lil Monkey in hopes that a miracle will happen and she'll be cancer free.

Here's a list of blogs to check out for fun raffle prizes for donating to Mission Monkey:

Donation pages:
Princess of Sarcasm
The One and Only Oka
Jenn B Says #1
Jenn B Says #2
Two Little Monkeys
Mommy's Nest
Chief's Hiding From the Kids

Be sure to stop by each blog and see the awesome stuff they have to raffle off.

There's been some good news lately. Monkey's test shows that she has stage 1 cancer. Even though we'd prefer her to be 100% cancer free this means that she doesn't have to deal with chemo/radiation.

Her family still needs help with getting her treatment to make sure this horrible disease gets out of her tiny little body. So click on Monkey's pic to donate anything you can. Stop by her mama's blog and leave a quick comment to show your support during this tough time.

Thanks a bunch bloggy peeps! :)


  1. Beautiful baby, beautiful gesture, beautiful post.!

  2. Hi Kerry,

    We're hosting a blog hop to benefit Mission Monkey. Hope you can stop by and link up :-)

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh most definitely Dania. Thanx for the info. :)


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